Stealing medicine, excessively loud music, missing gas cylinders… Various facts about Nièvre in brief

Drugs were stolen from Decize

Medicines, computer equipment, game console and perfume were stolen from the residence. The living room window was broken. Homeowners noticed the theft on Tuesday, January 10.

The music was very loud in Nevers

Residents of rue Molière called the police on Tuesday, January 10 at around 9:45 p.m. about loud music coming from the apartment. Despite efforts to stop the noise, the officers approached the closed door. They drew up a protocol for night noise.

Fuel theft in Gâcogne

A high-pressure cleaner and two hundred liters of fuel from a drum were stolen from a shed near the residential building. The theft was discovered on January 9.

award Return to the judgment box for the Nivernais garbage serial burner

A stolen scooter was found in Annay

The scooter that was stolen from its owner in Donzi on New Year’s Day was found in the forest. The discovery was made on Monday, January 9.

A driver without a license in Nevers

On Monday, January 9, a driver was stopped by police for driving without a license after violating the requirements of the Highway Code. His car was stopped on Rue de Marzy.

Five speeding tickets in Nevers

At noon on Monday, January 9, five cars were caught speeding on rue Edmé-Laborde. Speeding drivers will soon be ticketed.

A truck lay on the road in Sougy-sur-Loire

Arrested for possession of cocaine in Nevers

On January 9, two people were arrested by the police with 0.5 grams of cocaine. The first was arrested at the Louis-Stevenot crossing around 5 p.m. ; the second, in the Clos des Granges car park, at approximately 8:30 pm.

Travelers without a ticket at Nevers

Railway police officers and police officers from the police station checked the tickets of 105 SNCF users at the station at around 8:30 am on Monday, January 9. Five people were fined for not having tickets.

Car theft in Montsauche-Les Settons

A 9-meter-long four-wheeled cart was stolen from in front of the agricultural shed. The theft was committed between December 9 and Monday.

A building collapsed on rue de la Barre in Nevers

Tools disappear in Clamecy

Tools have disappeared from the house under repair, where the entrance door was broken. The theft was discovered on January 10.

40 gas bottles were stolen from Corbigny

40 Auchan gas cylinders – twenty butane and the same number of propane – were stolen from two cabinets that were found broken. Store employees noticed the theft on Tuesday, January 10.

Stolen car in Corbigny

A “Peugeot 505 GTI” car was stolen from a private garage. The theft case was opened on January 10.

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