Seur is expanding its fleet with more than 200 Ford E-Transit electric vehicles.

The Spanish transport company SEUR recently celebrated its 80th anniversary Purchase of a fleet of 200 fully electric Ford E-Transit vehicles.. These vehicles have a range of up to 317 km according to WLTP 2 standards and can carry up to 15 m3 of cargo. They are also equipped with intelligent driver assistance and safety systems recommended by Euro NCAP, as well as integrated Ford Pro Recharge charging support.

Buying these cars also marks the launch of the Ford Pro on the European market. This division of Ford provides companies with mobility and connectivity services. It includes a range of commercial vehicles and integrated solutions designed to increase productivity.

SEUR and Ford prioritize both durability and efficiency. This collaboration enables the company to achieve its goal of becoming the most sustainable express transport company in Spain. SEUR has already made efforts to reduce carbon emissions. by making 10% of its fleet environmentally friendly..

In addition, It aims to integrate up to 3,000 electric vehicles by 2030.. In addition, SEUR has installed charging stations for vans and solar panels in its warehouses to increase sustainability.

Sustainability as a banner in this new SEUR and Ford strategy.

As part of its sustainability strategy, SEUR has launched a program to provide 64 cities in Spain with a population of more than 50,000 with low-emission vehicles by 2025. Ford aims to reduce CO2 emissions by around 85%..

This will directly affect 17 million people. SEUR has also launched a program in Madrid and several European cities. The latter allows the use of sensors installed in delivery vehicles, collection stores and city centers. This kind, air quality can be measured in real time using Pollutrack laser technology..

SEUR’s home delivery service is also eco-friendly, offering greater flexibility and customization. A collection network of more than 4,000 points located in local shops and counters, reduces CO2 emissions associated with the last mile by 63% and reduces the number of failed deliveries.. SEUR plans to increase the number of collection points to 5,000 by 2025.

A new generation of efficiency and productivity with E-Transit.

Along with sustainability efforts, SEUR also focuses on improving productivity and efficiency. The purchase of Ford E-Transit vehicles should help SEUR achieve this goal. They offer a range of more than 300 km and a high load capacity.making them well suited to meet the mobility needs of modern business. According to Elena Burguete, director of Ford Pro, “At Ford Pro, we have a clear goal: to increase uptime and reduce operating costs for businesses and professionals.

To achieve this, we rely on our wide range of commercial vehicles, our performance as the sales leader in Europe for seven consecutive years and our innovative digital solutions. We are proud to partner with SEUR with the aim of becoming the most sustainable express transport company in Spain, with productivity and sustainability being two of our main pillars.

Elena Burguete, director of Ford Pro This is in the form of a quote

Ford Pro and SEUR form a natural union

The collaboration between SEUR and Ford Pro is quite natural. Both companies share values ​​such as sustainability and the pursuit of maximum efficiency. Ford Pro Operations Director José Manuel Fernández Pons notes that SEUR’s goals “align perfectly with the current and future plans for Ford Pro, given the new Ford E-Transit.” Mr. Fernández Pons also adds that “thanks to an autonomy of more than 300 kilometers, a loading volume of up to 15 m3 and connectivity solutions, E-Transit is the ideal answer to the mobility needs of modern companies.“.

Overall, the purchase of Ford E-Transit electric vehicles is an important step for SEUR towards its goal of becoming the most sustainable express delivery company in Spain. Cooperation with Ford Pro will provide SEUR -hard work a range of commercial tools and innovative digital solutions.

Thanks to them, the company will be able to increase working time and reduce operational costs. The purchase of electric vehicles is also part of SEUR’s wider sustainability strategy.. Therefore, the focus is on reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality in the cities it serves.

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