HANDBALL. France – Poland: windy Blues, watch the match live

Facing Poland and playing their first game in the competition, the French team has not yet released itself and remains under the threat of the attractive Poland. Watch the Blues live at the world championships on L’Internaute.

22:01 – Mem in tone (17-15)

Mem is responsible for taking the break and scoring his third goal of the evening against Morawski. In the next move, the Poles failed to reduce the difference, but the Barcelona player tripped the opponent’s goalkeeper and returned the ball in the field.

21:59 – Morawski catches fire (16-15)

Morawski is starting to warm up. The Polish keeper comes in to make a classy save on the counter headed by Fabregas on the trajectory of a shot that supports Mahen. Unfortunately, the ball returned to the hands of the French.

21:58 – Mahe in subtlety (16-14)

In a nice combination with Mem, Mahe gets up and has the clarity in the air to fool Morawski with a very well felt lob.

21:56 – Oleynichak in control (15-14)

The Blues dropped the intensity defensively and allowed the Poles to quietly organize. Despite everything, the home side can’t create a gap, prompting Olejniczka to hit a difficult shot in support, which falls into the arms of the blue defenders.

21:55 – Morito does not gamble (15-14)

The referees award another penalty to Poland and this time Desbonnet is less successful. Leg goes close to taking Moryton’s left kick. Poland has only one goal.

21:54 – Perfect Desbonnet on the penalty (15-13)

Gille sends Desbonnet on to meet Morito from the free-kick. The tricolor goalkeeper stays compact and makes the stop with his right arm.

21:52 – Turn around (15-13)

Olejniczak misses his first attempt in the second period and offers a royal reflection to the Blues, which Turnat takes care to improve.

21:51 – Recovery in Katowice!

Pilikowski starts the second half.

21:38 – A small difference (14-13)

The French team returns to the dressing room with a small goal difference (14-13). Although we thought we were on the right track after finally leading the Poles by 4 goals, the Habs stuttered at the end of the first period and allowed their opponents to pick up and recover a Spodek hope that was far from being the declared hell. Solid in defence, despite errors, Gille’s men were unable to really chain in attack, often making the difference in a quick phase or comeback.

21:36 – Richardson in check (14-13)

After the break from Guillaume Gille and with seven seconds to play, the Blues offer a crossover. The ball goes back into Richardson’s hands. Jackson’s son, Gebala, manages to hit the referee without batting an eye. A little late, the siren sounded.

21:34 – Sicko brings back Poland (14-13)

On his left, Sicko suddenly picks up the pace and passes between the winger and the back to make way for goal.

21:33 – “Gabala” responded to Fabregas (14-12)

Remili took care of his relationship with Fabregas and served him with a small rebound pass. The tricolor pivot grabs it and turns to deceive the opposition keeper. In the next attack, “Gabala”, which took advantage of the size of the French, scored a goal.

21:31 – Briet suspended for 2 minutes, Oleynichak wins (13-11)

Coming in to close the central sector, Briet brings Sicko down and is out for 2 minutes, much to his dismay. Olejniczak, exploiting the gaps in the process, takes the interval and brings Poland back to two units.

21:28 – Turnover failure, Nahi in the zone (13-10)

In the central sector, Tournat manages to break back but is pressed by Walczak, who sees Morawski save. The ball stays blue and flies to Len on the right wing. The latter starts kung-fu with his friend Nahi, but he falls back into the zone before he can release the ball (13-10).

21:26 – Nahi returns well (13-10)

At the end of the dead time, the Blues are back, especially with the re-entrances of Nahi and Briet on the left. After some hesitation, which allowed the Poles to score two quick goals, Nahi slipped on the wing and came to deceive Morawski with a long corner.


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