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Let’s talk about sports, let’s talk about business. Note two NFT projects that combine sports and collectibles.

No wonder… NFTs – tamper-proof digital artwork – have finally taken the sports world by storm. Recently, many projects have appeared and non-workable verses are generating new interest among buyers.

Sports NFTs projects strike a chord with the buyer. From the collection. In the world of sports, fans have always liked to collect cards, stickers or other posters. For them, the future of their passion is now digitally written…

Sorare, panini 2.0 album?

No doubt you have heard of Sorare. These virtual cards are snapped from each other. A project designed for football fans and supported by football players. In this blockchain, the goal is to create the most successful and rare team. The biggest clubs, as well as the most prestigious leagues, have sold their licenses to the company behind the project. So it is possible to buy all the new football stars in a big transfer market.

Added value compared to the classic panini album? the ability to win races thanks to his team. There are several depending on championships or other criteria (age, nationality, etc.). The competition is won due to the rarity of the players and their performances on the field. For those in the know, the upgraded version of “Mon petit gazon”… and paid!

And on a financial level, the Sorare project is staggering the counters. Because the so-called unique cards (available only in one copy) arrive large sums. Norwegian football player Erling Haaland, who plays for “Manchester City”, can boast of having the most expensive card in the history of the game with 265 ethereum. Or 610,000 euros at the time of purchase. Qavi, Kimmich, Vinicius Jr and Mbappe complete the ranking with their unique cards selling between €238,000 and €395,000. That’s it!

NBA Top Shot, Your Own Major League Historic Moments

Any self-respecting sports fan remembers the iconic moves that marked him in his youth. In the NBA, where storytelling – and stardom of badges – looks like a big league job, the project is all found. It was still necessary to start. NBA made Top Shot. An NFT platform that offers users the opportunity to buy game stocks that celebrate the modern NBA.

Topping the sales list is LeBron James’ 2020 Finals dunk against the Miami Heat. That year, the so-called “King” took over the mission. Winning the title for the Lakers in honor of Kobe Bryant, who died tragically a few months ago.

As symbolic as it was historical, James’ move lured a buyer willing to pay $230,000 for an NFT quote. Lebron also takes four of the top five spots record sales ranking. More players than ever appropriate

But if the developers of the project decide to expand their offer, the market can still be upside down. Gambling stocks that marked the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s may reach new price records. the crossover Tyronn Lue by Allen Iverson or Michael Jordan’s 1998 victory over the Utah Jazz are good examples. No doubt collectors will be snapping up these historic pieces at a price in gold…


Kia & Australian Open, a never-ending union! • The automaker, a tournament partner since 2002, has just extended its contract for another five years. The Kia label will therefore adorn Grand Slam courts until 2028. This was announced with the participation of Rafael Nadal, the official athlete of the brand. For the 2023 edition, the manufacturer will provide 100% electric models to transport all players, their staff and officials.

No more red for Arsenal • The scourge of knife attacks in London’s highest circles continues and is worrying. Club to prevent this phenomenon gunners and his kit supplier Adidas created a special shirt that was used once in the FA Cup match against Nottingham Forest. Plain red – the symbol of Arsenal – gave way to space perfect, ideal. The jersey is not for sale, you must volunteer in the campaign partner association to purchase it. Once a custom, London is neither blue nor red, London is white.

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