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Arrival of Opel and expansion of premises for JVM Automobiles

The past few weeks at JVM Automobiles have been full of news. Based in Lot-et-Garonne since 2002, the group has been an official dealer of Citroën since 2010 and DS since 2015. Born in Tarn-et-Garonne on December 1, 2022, this family company welcomed a new manufacturer into its portfolio with Opel. . The German company, which is part of the Stellantis group (which also includes Citroën and DS), is in full revival. After experiencing commercial ups and downs, Opel decided to completely change its models by moving upmarket. The sixth generation of the mythical Astra is a perfect example of this. It has just been awarded the ‘Golden Steering Wheel’ in Germany, as well as the French ‘favourite car’ at the Car Awards, receiving more public votes than any other car in the competition. Staying true to the lightning bolts in its logo, the brand will introduce multiple hybrid and electrified versions in 2023, most notably the Mokka-e, bringing with it an inevitable green turn. “With Opel, we benefit from the positive image of this German brand known for its passion and innovation,” says Gilles Perignon, director of JVM Automobiles. It should also be noted that it is a manufacturer that continues its production in Germany, which attracts enough attention. Finally, Opel perfectly complements our existing offer. In terms of both products and pricing, it’s a happy medium between the generic Citroën and the premium-chic DS. »

A new situation for DS

JVM Automobiles can therefore rely on three dynamic brands to run its dealerships in Boé and Villeneuve-sur-Lot. In a fragile and delicate car market where caution is needed, it is enough to develop some ambitions and prepare for the future. This is not the case as the walls are now pushed into the Boethian buildings. The DS salon, which is a bit cramped, will be held in a new location in a few weeks. The JVM group actually restored the old buildings owned by the Comptoir de la bio, which ceased operations during the health crisis. In total, the Agenais building will cover almost 4,000 m², 1,000 of which will be dedicated to the exhibition of new cars. Of course, you have to allocate space for Opel, which is 200 m², the new DS Store will be 250 m². This is a true setting for this incarnation of French-style automotive luxury to be unveiled to the public. The perfect opportunity to celebrate a record year for DS sales in the region! When it comes to numbers, JVM Automobiles can boast of selling around 800 new cars in 2022. “For this year, we hope for about 100 sales for Opel, and we are also betting big on the development of the DS,” he analyzes. director. The group is also notable for its impressive used car fleet, of which 500 were sold last year. “It is very important for us to continue our expansion during this somewhat hectic period. We saw a rush of consumption at the end of the prisons, but it was only a capacity of the months of closure. The market is struggling mainly due to electronic components. We face this by trying to gain market share. We are fortunate to be able to count on a very dynamic team of 56 people today (41 in Agen, 15 in Villeneuve-sur-Lot). » With three brands whose reputations are second to none, JVM Automobiles has the odds on its side.

BMW-Mini goes under the Eden Auto banner

Another strong news in the Lot-et-Garonne car landernau, the transfer of premium German brand BMW and its little sister Mini from the Sipa group to the giant Eden Auto (Editor’s note, in the top 10 car distribution group in France). Thus, the latter gets a third site in Agenais, after the Espace Découverte Auto (bringing together the Kia and Suzuki brands) and the Renault-Dacia duo. The Sipa-era team has been retained, with site director Mathis Billoir as the leader.

Chinese manufacturers take effect in Agen

Seres, whose importer is a subsidiary of Toulouse-based Chinese car giant Dongfeng, is based at Espace Découverte Auto, which is already home to two Asian manufacturers, Kia and Suzuki. As a young brand, Seres currently offers three 100% electric cars, one utility vehicle and two SUVs. Agen Motors, a Mazda and Isuzu dealer, will soon accept MG. Taken over by Chinese giant SAIC (the world’s fifth largest manufacturer) a few years ago, this historic British brand is experiencing a second youth with a completely redesigned and highly electrified range. Prices are attractive with an entry level starting at 17,500 euros (thermal car). The official presentation is planned for the second quarter.

Things are going on in the Pujol group

As you may have noticed while driving around Agen-Sud in recent weeks, a panel with the Volkswagen logo has disappeared from the facade of the emblematic Alliance Pujol 47 establishment. The same is true of the Bias and Marmande branches. On the website of the French subsidiary of the German manufacturer, the Pujol group is no longer listed as an official distributor… What happened? “This is an inside story that doesn’t concern the media, empty boss Serge Pujol. The situation is not simple, the stakes are high. Many manufacturers consider the distribution system not only here. All I can say is that nothing has been decided or definitive. This is news that could change tomorrow. We will be in touch at the appropriate time. We hope to have more information in four to six months. » Action in progress If the topic seems thorny, it is not likely to slow down the entrepreneur. “We are always engaged in the sale of new and used cars from the brands of the group in which we are specialists, we buy original parts, we provide all maintenance contracts. Our customers are informed and things are going very well.”Serge Pujol says. Note that the Pujol group is not limited to this activity. With 150 employees and an annual turnover of €50 million, this major economic player in Lot-et-Garonne also distributes Volvo, Fiat and Jeep vehicles in Boe. The group also has other diversification brands: UpFleet (company fleet management), Transports Pujol (road transport), PVA Trucks (trading heavy trucks and utility vehicles), Nature Gaz (development of BioGNV stations) and even SeaVan (recreational vehicle rent). ). “There will be further developments”, Serge Pujol promises as he passes. To be continued.

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