Bourges vs. Iliana Rupert in the Basket Landes European Cup mission

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Day 9 of the Women’s Euroleague takes place on Wednesday and Thursday. Presentation of the meetings of two French clubs “Burges” and “Basket Landes”.

In their quest for a top 4 finish, Bourges began their comeback in Valencia thanks to an easy win (81-68) at Olympiakos. They get off to the best possible start with captain Élodie Godin’s team-mates in Saturday’s sold-out Prado win over ASVEL. Tango against Bologna this Wednesday should be confirmed with the return of former MVP Iliana Rupert, especially since they won the first leg. The Italians are not at the expected level and will definitely not see the quarterbacks except by a miracle. With just 2 wins after eight days, a win at Burj is a must for them. For his part, as Olivier Larfargue points out in Berry Républicain, Burges is less dependent on Yvonne Anderson and the only downside for Berruiers is Andy Miem’s ​​injury against ASVEL. After a lengthy absence since December, the Reims native showed his dominance last week in Greece, scoring 16 points on 7/10 shooting in 22 minutes. He will undergo an MRI this Thursday and may again be sidelined for a while.

Basket Landes: Everything for the European Cup

With just one win after seven days and four wins in the Top 4, Basket Landes has certainly had a bye to the quarterfinals. However, the Landis could still be spared the European Cup if they win against Salamanca this Tuesday. Currently 5e The Spaniards ended 2022 with a string of two defeats, including a 74-48 drubbing against their counterparts Girona. However, Julie Barennes’ players will have to digest last Sunday’s 80-70 defeat at BLMA. , where Regan Magarity, who scored 24 points on 8/14 shooting in 31 minutes, was not motivated enough.

Don’t forget that the matches of our two French clubs are available with a subscription on the OTT Skweek platform.

Group A:

  • Fenerbahce – Sheksard (go Shekszard 103-101 Fenerbahce)
  • Prague – Valencia (Go to Valencia 76-83 Prague)
  • Polkovice – Olympiakos (Go to Olympiakos 7083 Polkowitz)
  • Bourges – Bologna at 20.00. (Go to Bologna 61-64 Bourgeoiss)

Group B:

  • Basket Landes – Salamanca at 19:30. (go Salamanca 81-57 Basket Landes)
  • 01/12 Sopron – Mersin (Go to Mersin 50-75 Sopron)
  • 01/12 Schio – Girona (go Girona 83-63 Schio)
  • 01/12 Mechelen – Miskolc (go Miskolc 79-78 Mechelen)


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