Victor Wembanyama, close to the stars but far from the circle?

At a time of the week when French basketball is not drowned out by TV programming, what could be better than a well-improvised thriller between the three-time reigning champion and the appeal of the moment? Very cool evening in Marseille-Jerdan, special focus with Victor Wembanyama. Determined but far below attacking standards. Not bad, slightly better than average. And it has been going on for a month.

A finger in the earpiece, can you hear me right? Minister of Sports Mrs. Didier has arrived. Yes, you put him first. How do you know what it looks like? Well…you’ll see her pink sweater. Yes, with tulips. Yes, it is. Hey, who does she want to take a picture with? But no, it’s not ‘Alabenga’, it’s Wemba… well, let it go. Yes, I understand, I will ask him. It works. Yes. noted. OK see you later.

If Victor Wembanyama is called “sports”, so sports unite people. There are many costumes in the lower stands Marcel Cerdan last night After the break, late returns, red nose and first button were canceled because it’s nice to come, but we don’t understand all the rules. A little humility. Americans are good at petting a kitten before offering it a bigger bowl (a bit of a lame metaphor, but you get the idea). We would even punish the scattered stands for the first time. A beautiful evening in a fully enclosed space, effective promotion of the French championship, that’s what we remember.

And suddenly new guys, three words to describe you ” first time “ With Victor Wembanyama? Frustration, redemption, and Tremont Waters… Makes sense.

The line between Victor Vembanyama’s average performance and any other player’s good game – if there is one – is a very fine one. Overall, Victor Wembanyama’s good performance pleases everyone. No problem with that. Beyukshaher Belediyespor 92, the first master in the 2nd place with 30 points and 11 rebounds, 4 blocks. However, when it starts entering the zone under 20 points, the interpretation of the match becomes difficult. Don’t see a direct correlation between the statistical prism and the quality of his encounter. This does not apply to everything “Oh, it only took 16”ints, that’s not enough Viktor! ». Basketball would be very simple back then and just open the LNB app (when it works) to rewatch his classics. Here’s a fact: When you finish Victor’s receptionand for Aswell 15 points on 4/12 shooting, including 0/4 on 3-pointersnot everything went as planned. He touches the ball a lot, plays one-on-one with the shovel, in short, he has completely focused his game on scoring goals. But now, since Dec. 6 — after four straight games with at least 30 points — Victor is hitting the handbrake.

Victor Wembanyama’s last 10 league games:

  • November 4 – Limoges: 33 points on 10/17 shooting
  • November 20 match against Nanterre: 30 points on 10/19 shooting
  • Nov 26 @ Nancy: 30 points on 9/19 shooting
  • 2 December against Fos sur Mer: 32 points on 12/20 shooting

And poof!

  • December 6 @ Roanne: 15 points on 7/14 shooting, including 1/5 from the floor
  • December 11 match against Monaco: 27 points on 11/20 shooting, including 0/5 from the stand
  • December 17 @ Paris: 11 points on 4/11 shooting, including 1/5 from the floor
  • December 23 vs. Cholet: 24 points on 8/21 shooting including 4/8 from the floor
  • December 26 @ Strasbourg: 26 points on 6/18 shooting, including 2/9 from the floor
  • January 9 vs. Aswell 15 points on 4/12 shooting, including 0/4 on 3-pointers

Three losses in December for the Mets 92, just one loss in the first two months of the contest. Noticeable change in Victor’s game sheets. Coincidence? We don’t think. His influence on the decision of a match goes away from both sides. If he struggles — or just regresses — the Mets face 92 Roanne and Strasburg. Two teams from the Top 8. However, in a “struggle” like last night, Victor Vembanyama finished with 9 rebounds, 5 blocks, “only” 2 turnovers, 21 ratings and a +2. plus/minus. He stays precious. The derby against Paris Basket was his worst offensive game of the season: 11 points on 4-of-11 shooting, including 1-of-5 from 3-point range. beside? 6 blocks, 2 cuts and… From +23 plus/minus. Victor’s eyes had to be closed so he could feel the drift. His presence on the court is and always will be beneficial to his teammates. Whether it’s a natural deterrent or a last good gesture step back dunk all over the Asvel missile. A leech that “failed” homework and still got 15 points.

But suddenly, why is it stuck in attack?

For a good month, Victor Vembanyama has been away from the circle a lot. A bit like Kristaps Porzingis after his early career injuries. The creation of space is shy, there is no calcium in the fadeaways that follow: there is very simple in his one-on-one game. So much so that solid support guys like Aamir Simms, Justin Patton or even Silvio De Sousa could keep him in position. “Yeah, but TrashTalk, he’s working on what he wants to be, which is pretty much an outside hitter, right?”. It will be outdoors, but above all, it will be versatile. It is useless to deprive yourself of cards at the bottom of the circle to get lost in areas of concern. We want him to be open for 3-pointers in the inside battle as well. It’s hard to spread one’s game properly at just 18 years old, but it’s a point Victor addressed early enough to arrive in the NBA (or at least ready to work). Well, and from time to time it still comes in. In an isolated move, Yves Pons was an unfortunate witness.

Don’t panic, this bump that’s less good is just a small bump that’s less good. Better for Victor to discover his spots to work on before taking the plunge than with Nikola Jokic’s arm taped to his sweaty back. Then anyway, it will recognize other galleries. Small, large, medium… and even giant. Such is life. Inspector Barnaby.

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