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When you have a phone call to make or an email to send, you definitely need your laptop to do it. However, as it may have improved in recent years, its battery remains unreliable. In fact, if it is flat or close to zero, you need to charge it first to be able to complete your tasks on your electronic device. However, you don’t necessarily have to have your charger with you or somewhere to plug it in. This is where a portable solar battery comes in. It’s an essential accessory to have a power source on you at all times. Read our article to learn all about portable solar cells.

What is a portable solar cell?

A portable solar battery is a very practical accessory that allows you to charge any equipment even when you don’t have electricity. Indeed, they are equipped with a solar panel, an integrated battery and tools to store energy. Its role is to store energy from the sun’s rays to provide a source of electricity wherever you are. They can pay:

  • your phone, tablet or laptop;
  • lamp;
  • hot plates;
  • and so on

To quickly charge your portable solar battery, you need to expose the plates that make it up to sunlight. However, if you find yourself out of power on a cloudy day, it is possible to recharge your device. But the process will be slower.

Who might need a portable solar battery?

Nowadays, our phones are real little pocket computers. They are used to call, but also for information, education, as a diary or in the professional world. So anyone can equip themselves with a portable solar battery to keep their phone running all day. However, buying this charger is recommended for people who travel a lot and have long journeys where they don’t necessarily have access to electricity. In addition, it is recommended to bring a portable solar battery if you plan to hike for several days. Indeed, when you’re outdoors for days at a time, it’s always a good idea to find a way to charge your phone or other devices.

Considering the importance of this accessory in everyday life, it is important to choose the model you invest in. There are some criteria you should follow to make sure you choose the right product to help you.

memory capacity

The storage capacity of a portable solar battery is expressed in milliampere hours (mA h). Therefore, check this information in the data sheet that comes with the accessory when you buy it. If it is high, it means that the amount of energy it provides is also high. For comparison, the memory capacity of 25,000 mAh allows you to charge your phone or other devices several times in a row.

USB ports on the battery

The number of USB ports available on your portable solar battery is important. Indeed, these are connectors that allow you to connect your devices. So the more you have, the more machines you can charge at the same time. We recommend that you prefer a battery equipped with 2-4 USB ports.

Portable solar battery case

Your portable solar battery should be shockproof. This criterion is especially important if you intend to use it during walks or trips. Indeed, it can fall on the ground or water, or take various impacts inside your bag. This can damage it and thereby alter its effectiveness. To overcome this, you just need to make sure that the shell surrounding it is of high quality. In addition, we recommend that you choose batteries with an IP67 rating. The latter indicates that they are dustproof and waterproof.

Battery charging time

For a fast portable solar battery, consider choosing one with the same charging optimization technology as your phone. In fact, if it is tailored to your devices, you spend less time charging them.

battery size

Depending on how useful you are, the size of the portable solar battery is important. Indeed, if you have to carry it in your handbag while traveling or every day, it should take up as little space as possible. But the stronger it is, the bigger it is. However, an efficient battery is important when hiking for several days. So, take a good look at all the models available before making your choice. This allows you to select the most functional product that is the right size for your project.

Portable solar battery price

Portable solar cells range in price from €20 to over €100. Obviously, as the price increases, so do the options and quality of the product. Again, your need determines which model to choose. For non-daily users, the first price is reasonable. The more expensive ones are perfect for outdoor adventurers. To help you make your choice, don’t hesitate to read consumer reviews, which you can easily find online. They will clearly tell you which battery is best suited for your project.

A portable solar battery is a very practical everyday tool, so you’ll never find yourself without one. In fact, it provides you with a power source to charge your devices even when you don’t have any power outlet. They are ideal for people who use their electronic devices a lot every day, but also for serious athletes and frequent adventure travelers.

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