Technology | Tomorrow’s car will (above all) entertain us

Car. Cult or simple object? With the energy transition and autonomous driving, the question is whether these two advancements will create an equalizer across brands. In this regard, especially historical manufacturers drive on the tip of the wheels. Since then, they have tried to revive the automotive imagination.

Especially with the younger generation, who generally associate the invention of the 19th centurye to a limitation rather than satisfying century desires. In order to deceive him, tomorrow he will have to control himself and convince us. Also entertain us. In short, everything that will allow you to do something other than holding the steering wheel in a car.

BMW is showcasing its vision of personal mobility at CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show). This is called DEE (Digital Emotional Experience). A conceptual study that aims not only to create an emotional bond with residents, but also to provide them with an unprecedented virtual and physical experience. “Whoever achieves this technological network will drive the future of the car,” believes Frank Weber, head of development on the board of directors of BMW.

Driving game

A few weeks before the launch of the game in the American capital, BMW invited some international journalists to experience the propeller brand’s research in the field of virtual driving. A BMW M2, a virtual helmet in the eyes and we were off.

We were driving in daylight, but whoever was behind the wheel, the car was speeding towards a futuristic city on a clear road in the middle of the night. It was full of BMW logos that had to be touched to earn points.

Would you like to see gold coins, melons? Why not, the possibilities are endless. This is what BMW calls “Mixed Reality”, which should bring “new freedom”, believes its developers. This is an integral part of DEE research. The latter does not require a virtual helmet to go to another world, as it is visible on the windshield and all windows surrounding the car. In addition to this change of scenery, the windshield also plays the role of the instrument panel, the traditional and important tools and connections that fight for a place on this glass surface.


The door opening control is backlit on the door panel covered with white canvas.

With rare minimalism, there are no physical controls in the passenger compartment. The opening of the doors is lit from behind, for example, on an interior door dressed in a canvas of white linen. The steering wheel controls basically follow the same principle and light up when the thumbs stroke the edge of the rim.

classic style

From the outside, the DEE hides its game well, presented in saloon guise that will remind the over-40s of yesteryear’s BMWs. However, all generations will have no trouble identifying its double radiator grille, which has been the brand’s signature since 1933. Here, it’s embedded in a black film decorated with LEDs that reveal headlights whose shape you dictate (round, rectangular, square, or even). triangle, if you like).

A timeless, classic style, but one that tomorrow’s consumer can customize as much as they want. This also applies to lights and wheels.

The Munich brand is currently running several experiments to mix up the wheels, like when we paint the spokes of our bikes with straw, guys.

The logical continuation of the E Ink project, which was presented a year ago, allows you to change the color of the body in a few seconds. This process consists of coating the outer walls with a thin film of microcapsules that release color pigments to the surface using alternating current. Yesterday, the palette was limited to black and white; today, BMW can design all the colors of the rainbow and more.

However, two questions remain unanswered. How much will it cost to buy this chameleon on wheels? But how will this innovation react when it passes through the brushes of the car wash?

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