Stephen Curry is back, time for a big run for the Warriors?

Stephen Curry sees the end of the tunnel. The Warriors boss, who has missed eleven games with a left shoulder injury, could return against the Suns tonight (4pm). Finally, if the Warriors somehow continued the course without a leader, they were left with two dirty losses against Detroit and Orlando.

This is information that has something to make fans smile (again). Dubs : Kendra Andrews ofESPN announced yesterday evening Stephen Curry has been listed as “probable” for tonight’s game against the Suns. It’s time for GSW, who has been combining the good and the bad since his absence. Injured in a loss against the Pacers (125-119) on December 15, the Warriors then lost four straight, including two very dirty ones in New York (138 points against the Knicks, 143 points against the Nets).

Lost without a leader and without bearings, the Californians took too long to break away, but then won five games in a row, including a very good one against the Grizzlies on Christmas Day (123-109). In the last eleven games, the Bay franchise has a record of 6 wins and 5 losses. very correct considering the situation… but the stain remains on the two disappointments. The reigning champions have lost twice at home to the Pistons and the Magic. The Dubs showed a bad face, unwilling, unbelieving team.

A stagnant, soulless offense and a very porous defense. Admittedly, a redesigned San Francisco team could still rely on Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. Although the latter were expected to make their commitment – as they did during the winning streak they secured after Christmas – nothing happened. Against Orlando, Golden State was downplayed by Paolo Banchero and Markelle Fultz. Yes, this sentence is very real.

JP certainly scored 21 points, but shot 29.4% and 18.9% from 3-point range. Very awkward, very volatile, not where you expect. Draymond Green gave him a suspicious attitude: when his men trailed by 16 points, he left his interior partners and returned to the locker room. Another embarrassing sight, like their match. But as Steve Kerr reiterated to the press yesterday, he remains optimistic and supports his team.

“In the name of all coaching staff, we are proud of the group. We are between the new year and the year All Star BreakGiven the difficult conditions for organisms, we stayed in the water. – Steve Kerr

She’s right to be happy, Steve. Despite the last two disappointing outings, Dubs overall balance, 20 wins to 20 losses. In the gates of the top 6, the Warriors still managed to limit the damage and stay put. The return of Andre Iguodala and Andrew Wiggins will provide a lot. The 38-year-old veteran started his (last) season against Orlando and will certainly bring all of his experience to the Bay Area veteran. Even for the Canadian, who hasn’t played since December 4th.

Iguodala was conspicuously absent from this lineup. Just like Klay Thompson, who is in great shape. Second Splash Bro I’ve only been walking on water for two weeks. 24 points against the Grizzlies, 29 against the Hornets, 31 against the Blazers and Peak 54 units against the Falcons on Dec. 3. Despite not participating in the last game and the percentages remaining somewhat mixed, Golden State found Klay Thompson. grapesMuch to Steve Carrey’s delight.

“It’s good to know you’re back. It was a year ago (his return to the courts). Everything he’s accomplished with us this year, winning a title, some nights Playoffs where he was simply amazing. His ups and downs this year is the life of a professional athlete. I am proud of him.”

There is a lot of good news in San Francisco. The leadership of Stephen Curry will certainly have a huge impact on the overall performance of the team missing the last two games for everyone to go straight. Of course, he also contributed to the scoring, but this is a classic. The defense is more focused on him, the rest of the group will recover a lot of gaps. A good sign since then Dubs will travel to San Antonio on Saturday at 1:30 p.m road trip Five meetings in the East.

Text source: NBA

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