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In November, more than one in five French people were addicted to an electric car or an electric hybrid. (Photo credit: Adobe Stock – )

The electric vehicle sector, which has been hit by various crises in a row, ends 2022 like this…

Planned end of thermal facilities

In October 2022, MEPs and EU member states finalized an agreement on legislation to end the sale of new fuel-powered vehicles (including petrol-electric hybrids) by 2035.

Although the car is currently the main mode of transport in Europe and accounts for almost 15% of total CO2 emissions in the EU (1), this new regulation is part of the 2050 carbon neutrality goals.

Very good numbers for 2022

Despite this context of radical change for the automotive industry, the electric vehicle sector (like conventional cars) has been badly affected by the recurring crises of 2022: unfavorable economic context, supply chain disruptions, price increases, etc.

However, the end of the year is proving to be full of promise for electric car manufacturers, as more than one in five French people are addicted to an electric car or electric hybrid in November 2022. It is 16.3% more than in November 2021 (2).

With 20,000 registrations or 15% of the market share, 100% electric passenger cars play a key role, higher than the respectable mark.

If stressed often, the difficulty of finding a charging point decreases year by year. 77,318 that were open to the public last November, an impressive 51% year-over-year increase.

Electric cars are finding their place in the car market in the long term

The electric car market may be at a turning point. Indeed, a study from September 2022 (4) notes that 22% of French people have already tried this type of car and 11% say they drive regularly or occasionally.

The electric alternative takes its place in the projects of the French, as 18% of those surveyed intend to buy it in less than 5 years, including 7% in two years.

For those who have already entered the business, this change in usage has fooled them, as 91% of electric vehicle owners consider themselves satisfied, and even more than half are very satisfied.

How to finance your electric car purchase?

One of the main brakes for the rise of the electricity market remains the purchase price.

Thus, 94% of respondents think it would be appropriate to offer a lower price for a thermal car for the same model, and 71% an equivalent price. Similarly, 90% are in favor of public or private assistance to buy an electric car or favorable offers to trade in their old car.

Government authorities are well aware of the issue, and a number of helpful tools can help you finance the purchase of an electric car more easily:

  • Environmental bonus:

    From July 1, 2022, new electric vehicles with a purchase price of less than €47,000 (compared to €45,000 previously) can benefit from a maximum bonus amount of €6,000 for 2022. This environmental bonus will be increased to 7000. In 2023, the euro.

  • Conversion bonus:

    Crit’Air 3 or older car or van (diesel first registered before 2011 or petrol first registered before 2006) help to get a new or used low-emission vehicle in return for scrapping. The amount of assistance depends on the income level.

  • Local grants

    up to €6,000 is paid by certain communities.


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Stéphane Coignard

Stéphane Coignard

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