Refurbished used cars are on the rise


Refurbished cars are more relevant than ever. In the Covid years, in addition to the lack of new models disrupting the car market in 2020 and 2021, there is also a new social phenomenon: the demand of a growing share of customers for a circular and more responsible economy. shortens the lifetime of industrial goods and reduces their carbon footprint. This alternative to new construction, which also offsets the loss of purchasing power after telephony and electronics, looks set to really take off in the automotive sector in 2022.

It should be said that the two French groups Renault and Stellantis, the main providers of the second-hand market, have invested massively in this direction since 2020 and now offer repair services on their used cars. The goal is to offer more attractive cars that look like new, while providing buyers with factory-like warranties.

Thus, with the Renew program, the Diamond firm created new occupations at the Flins “Refactory” in Yvelines. The chain’s pre-owned cars are assembled, inspected, repaired and restored to near-new condition in as little as 8 days for less than a dealer budget. Starting in 2023, 45,000 refurbished cars should be produced annually, the brand announces.

But Renault is even going further by offering the new Refresh service to customers who own a car less than 15 years old. With these new maintenance packages, the manufacturer clearly announces the color: “don’t change your car, keep it longer”. Thus, it is not only a question of equipping production areas, but also of betting more than ever on service. From classic maintenance (oil change, diagnostics, wiper replacement) to repair services (body polishing, optics), brand new at dealerships. Their price varies from 299 to 1499 depending on the selected level, which can be interesting, for example, to sell the car more easily and at the best price, or to enjoy it a little longer.

For its part, Stellantis (former PSA group) also stepped up to the occasion by entering the capital of Nantes-based company Stimcar, which specializes in the repair of used cars. The manufacturer also offers this type of vehicle through its subsidiary Soticar, a new second-hand label created to facilitate travel for private and corporate customers.

But Renault and Stellantis are not the only companies offering refurbished cars in France. At Agents we have been investing in the second hand market for a few years now. The offer is tight and there is nothing to envy new cars with new modern vehicles every day at attractive prices. Because in general, the number 1 argument for buying a used car is undoubtedly its price compared to a new car. As the new price has experienced unprecedented inflation over the past five years, the latest second-hand or refurbished has become more interesting. In addition, you should know that for tax purposes, a vehicle is considered used if it is more than six months from the date of delivery and has traveled more than 6,000 km. That is, if it is only 6 months and a day old and has 6001 km on the odometer, then it is possible to buy a used car – therefore without paying any penalties!

A second reason for the success of used equipment is its immediate availability, refurbished or not, in the face of extended production times for new equipment. More than 5 million used cars are sold in France every year, and there really is something for every taste and every budget. According to an Elite Auto agent, “It’s often possible to find a rare gem among our used cars, even if the vehicle’s options, finishes, or even the origin of the color choice. Elite Auto is a model. common.”

Finally, buying a refurbished used car is also a good way to optimize your budget by minimizing the discount during a quick sale. Indeed, according to Novethic, a training organization for sustainable finance, “Whereas a simple used car loses value every day, its refurbished counterpart sees its price stabilize and cost an average of 30% less than new.” So, taking advantage of strong demand in 2021 and 2022, many used cars have seen their resale value increase within a year with thousands of miles on the road!

However, you should be aware that the definition of repair can vary from one professional to another, and there is no standard or statute for respecting a used car to (yet) carry the “reconditioned” label. It is only up to the professional to judge the transactions to be made to offer additional guarantees to their clients and benefit from this very convincing commercial argument. However, industry professionals agree to limit these offers to cars between 1 and 5 years old, in other words, new used cars, which allows them to offer up to 5 years and up to 1 year warranty on replacement parts.

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