QD Oled TV Samsung S95B, commercial success prompts Samsung to change its Premium TV strategy for 2023

Market research and analysis firm Omdia tells us that the QD Oled S95B TV series, slyly launched by Samsung in the spring of 2022, has been a huge commercial success since last school year. So much so that Samsung is considering a different strategy for 2023, supposedly betting on QD Oled technology and placing it at or near the top of its range.

The S95B TV series had an under-the-radar release (Click on the reference Samsung QE55S95B to find a full product test by AVCesar.com editors and the link below to discover in detail the QD Oled technology signed by Samsung Display, TV Oled Samsung S95B, Quantum Dots revolution.), that is, without drums or trumpets, giving the last child of the Korean producer popularity among the general public. In 2022, the Samsung Visual Display division, responsible for defining the brand’s TV range and its commercial strategy, was still mainly focused on the Mini LED Neo QLED Ultra HD 4K/8K and QLED UHD 4K LCD TV range.

Samsung S95B Oled QD TV is the story of an evolving launch strategy

A little later, the Sony A95K QD Oled TV series, based on the same Samsung Display QD Oled TV panels, launched in the summer of 2022, was placed at the top of the TV range by the Japanese manufacturer. The reception was great, from the media on one side, dealers/distributors on the other, consumers very close to Samsung’s sales volume in September. Around the same time, starting in July to be precise, Samsung Display’s QD Oled panel production line reached over 80% efficiency (see our news QD Oled Samsung Display panels, 85% efficiency), which prompted Samsung to shift gears to absorb this additional supply of QD Oled panels, which is expected later.

The Korean giant has therefore decided to lower the prices of its S95B TVs to ensure that it sells QD Oled TVs and to avoid an overstock situation at Samsung Display. Success was immediate, with sales increasing by around four and a half (ie around +350%), while sales of QD Oled Sony TVs dropped dramatically (See Omdia diagram below). Similarly, the success of the Samsung S95B screens in the high-end TV segment led to a decline in the sales of the Samsung Neo QLED Mini LED TV series.

QD Oled Samsung 2023 TV, offensive strategy and premium positioning

Building on this success, Samsung wants to reclaim this spot in the premium TV market in 2023. With a triple strategy: CX Micro LED TVs (See our CES news 23 > Samsung Micro LED TV CX 50”, 63”, 76”, 89”, 101”, 114” and 140” in approach) for the most demanding consumers (and those with the most cash), Mini LED Neo QLED TVs for those who like 4K/8K screens with different diagonals up to very large sizes (98”, 249 cm) and QD Oled for those who like abyssal blacks and/or moviegoers for. The latter, with an additional 77” (196 cm) model in 2023, will therefore benefit from the brand’s support upon launch with the integration of all the group’s latest technologies, such as the One Connect remote control box.see our CES 23 news > Samsung S95C, QD Oled Ultra HD 4K TV from 55″ to 77″).

Other evidence of Samsung’s strategy change with its QD Oled TV series: the group aims to sell 1 million units in 2022, up from 400,000; finally, if Samsung QD Oled TV has raised its commercial target, the target for Mini LED TVs remains the same for 2022.

What About QD Oled TV Market 2023?

The latest accuracy predicts that Omdia QD Oled TV sales will increase by 141% in 2023 compared to 2022. Similarly, the research firm announces that TCL, Philips and Sharp will join the camp of QD Oled technology supporters in 2023 (Editor’s note: if TCL had announced its intention) to market QD Oled TV in late 2023 at the beginning of CES 2023 earlier in the week, he finally revisited his remarks at the end of the show, see our CES 23 news > QD Oled TCL TV in 2023, the exact opposite: tour canceled!).

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