France lags behind in charging stations, but is in second place

As every month, we count the number of charging stations for electric cars open to the public in France. The ability to account for 2022, which is very rich in the field. But the goal of 100,000 charging stations is still far from being realized.

Electra terminal in Paris

In 2020, the French government wanted the country to have more than 100,000 charging points for electric cars by the end of 2021. But things didn’t go as planned because on December 31, 2022, IFrance considered “only”. 82,107 charging points are open to the public.

A welcome development, but one that completely misses the point

At first glance, this number may seem disappointing, because we have exceeded the target by more than a year, but we have not reached the goal. But in reality, the situation has improved tremendously in the last 12 months and has been in the right direction. Indeed, let us recall that on December 31, 2021, there was France 53,667 charging stations, compared to 32,736 a year agoAs of December 31, 2020.

With 20,931 charging points installed in 2021 and 28,440 charging points in 2022, the momentum accelerated greatly. a 53% increase over the past 12 months. And as long-distance electric car regulars, we can attest to this growth. We’re seeing more charging stations with high-powered terminals sticking out of the ground, whether at highway service areas or in shopping malls, such as Lidl recently.

Terminals are very heterogeneous in France

The problem is that charging stations are not necessarily homogeneously distributed throughout France. It is for this reason that Europe wants to set the rule of a charging station for electric cars every 60 km. However, we are not in a bad situation because ” France has around 8 public charging stations for every 100 electric cars, compared to 8 in Norway, 7 in Germany and up to 69 in the Netherlands. according to the latest report.

It is even worse if we consider the ranking of the number of charging stations in relation to the kilometer of the road. Thus, France has 3.4 charging points per km of road, Portugal 25, Germany 26 and the Netherlands 64. Among Western European countries, only Spain does less with 1.6 terminals per km of road according to 2021 data.ACEA.

However, much work still needs to be done to reach 100,000 charging stations installed in France. At the breakneck pace of December 2022 (about 5,000 new charging points launched), the goal could be reached in less than four months. We should also mention that Avere France anticipates the need ” Between 175,000 and 215,000 charging points by 2025 and between 330,000 and 480,000 by 2030“.

?? 2023 ?
Update 100+ kW French charging networks⚡️?
➡️Remarkable work by all operators
➡️ December was great ??

Interactive graphics ⏯️
(choice of operators in the legend)
⬇️? (1/2)

— Bertrand Moreau (@Moreau12Moreau) January 2, 2023

However, charging operators should not forget about the reliability of the terminals, because in December 2022 Charging points above 150 kW were 76% available in December 2022 As Avere noted. As for grids over 100 kW, we can see in Bertrand Moreau’s tweet that Tesla is leading the race, followed by Ionity, easily beating Total Energies after Allego.

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