Car. Channel: the future of electro-mechanical “looks uncertain”

Today, aside from major dealers, few mechanics are licensed to work on a 100% electric vehicle. (©Sébastien LUCOT/La Presse de la Manche)

“L”the future of the profession it seems uncertain to us”, – says Denis Aubril, the head of the workshop from the garage Point S at Les Pieux (Manche).

A mechanic with greased hands since 1982, he has seen the profession evolve over the past few decades. various technologies were brought to vehicles :

You have to constantly update yourself. Someone who has stopped for a few years will have a hard time recovering this job, things change very quickly.

Denis Aubril

Even Denis Aubril should not have noticed big changes before his impending retirementthe next generation may have to make a big change stop the oil.

Electric vehicles: permit required

Over time, car mechanics have developed significantly. “There are many training courses in the career with the advent of electronics and various technologies in vehicles,” supports Denis Aubril.
The transition to electric motors is no exception to the rule. Although there is less maintenance compared to internal combustion engines, it is especially the safety aspect that requires special permission from mechanics.
Know the dangers of electrocution in electric or hybrid cars, the specific risks associated with batteries… Several companies in France offer this type of training. Two days are enough, on average, at a cost of about 1000 euros.
Even with electricity on the rise, few automotive specialists are being trained today. “Even with all the dealers, not all of them are ready yet,” Pieusais assures the mechanic.
Contacted Channel Chamber of Commerce and Crafts says that there has not yet been a sufficient number of applications in this regard: “If this was the case, we could engage a service provider to develop this training.”

Little desire

in 2022 Europe It has voted to stop the sale of new thermal vehicles from 2035 and will leave it under cover ecologythe way is clear electrification European car fleet.

Inside the pious garage, the sign and mechanics have not yet received the necessary permission. One of them smiles: “We don’t want to drink juice.” In effect, training is required. Special tools and protective equipment also.

The regional trainer is currently due to go to Normandy with no date specified.

A colleague of Denis Aubril

Meanwhile, only three or four 100% electric cars pass through the doors of this garage. change the tires, we can only do it now.” It is still not widespread in the campaignthey are more and more in the city. Electric vehicles account for 12% of new car sales, but still less than 1% of sales French car park.

With permission in hand, there will be no more possible interference for mechanics.

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Very little maintenance

An electric car requires very little maintenance. Jean-Pierre Letellier, president of the Manche division of the National Automobile Federation, sighs, “No oil changes, less wear on the pads with regenerative braking … The air conditioning and a few other minor repairs will remain.”

The automotive sector currently lack of work. “It’s a crisis,” assures the former retired manager of a garage in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët. This trend may be reversed if there are fewer repairs in the more or less distant future.

Everything will depend on our politicians. Personally, I think going all-electric is a big mistake. Lithium, which is required to make batteries, is not inexhaustible like oil.

Jean-Pierre Letellier

However, this change in the car and future energy does not worry the president of FNA de la Manche any more: “Black owners have always been able to adapt to the times.”

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