BMW was saved in 2022 by electricity, motorcycles and Rolls-Royce

The 2022 results of the BMW car group fell into the negative, but the increase in sales of the Rolls-Royce brand, the Motorrad unit and electric cars allowed to limit the damage. However, the manufacturer remains optimistic about the chances of a return to growth in 2023.

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BMW Group says it is confident by 2023.

Safe for Honor BMW Group Regarding the 2022 global balance sheet. Admittedly, this is negative, but it could be worse. Surprisingly, the luxury car brand Rolls-Royce participated in maintaining the annual results, as did other businesses. Detailed view.

BMW and Mini are in bad shape, Rolls-Royce shows itself

Between January and December, the German group sold 2,399,636 cars, which means a decrease of 4.8% compared to 2021. The flagship BMW brand did not resist the crisis context and sold 2,100,692 units, decreasing by 5.1%. The same for Mini, which recorded 292,923 models, was down 3% year-on-year. Both saw sales curves decline across all regions, with Europe down -7.5% (877,369 units total), Asia -3.5% (1,028,105 units) and the US -1.3% (361,892 units). Nevertheless, the manufacturer would like to say that the BMW brand has succeeded maintains its position as is a leader in the global premium segment. It should also be noted that the fourth quarter was more favorable for him, as this period ended with +10.6% (651,798 registrations in total) with good results for both brands and all markets.

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Mini Cooper SE Convertible


Some performances nevertheless stand out. Like other luxury brands in the world, Rolls-Royce can boast of a successful annual exercise. Deliveries increased by 7.8%, with 6,021 units sold worldwide. Record since then “its one hundred and eighteen year history”– says the manufacturer. “Global demand remains strong across the product portfolio led by Cullinan and Ghost. After a very successful world premiere in October, orders for all models extend to 2023, with very strong pre-orders for the new all-electric Spectre. The overwhelmingly positive customer response to this vehicle comes as the brand prepares to produce all-electric vehicles by the end of 2030.”we add.

BMW relies on electric models to make a profit

Another subsidiary also came into effect in 2022: BMW Motorrad. Dedicated to two-wheelers, the label put 202,895 motorcycles and scooters on the road, a year-on-year increase of 4.4%. There, too, the group leads historic sales, the highest ever recorded.

In its annual report, the manufacturer also allocates space to electrified vehicles (BEVs and PHEVs), whose business grew by 32.1% to 433,795 units. And 100% electric vehicles were also widely sought after during the year, as sales rose 107.7% to 215,755 registered registrations. Mini increased its global electrified mix (including plug-in hybrids) to 21% (60,839, +14.3%), While growth at BMW reached 35.6% (372,956 electrified vehicles) with a 17.7% share.

The BMW Group is convinced “To be able to stand on this success in 2023, because [nous continuons] seeing particularly high order intake for our all-electric models”. Moreover, the manufacturer is optimistic for the coming year. “We will continue our profitable growth course in 2023, declares. The focus will clearly be on the further strengthening of electromobility. The next step for 2023 is for 15% of our total sales to come from fully electric vehicles. With the launch of the BMW i5 later this year, we are taking another important step towards electrifying our model range. »

Voice 4e quarter 2022 Evolution compared to 4e Quarter 2021 (%) Cumulative volume at the end of December 2022 Evolution compared to 2021 (%)
BMW Group Car 651 798 + 10.6 2,399,636 – 4.8
BMW 566 826 + 11 2,100,692 – 5.1
– BMW M GmbH 52,801 + 30.2 177 257 +8.4
Mini 83,652 + 8.2 292,923 – 3
Electrified BMW Group 150,511 +55.6 433,795 + 32.1
-BMW BEV 87,560 +98.3 215,755 + 107.7
Rolls Royce 1320 +4.1 6,021 +7.8
BMW Motorrad 43,562 + 15.7 202 895 +4.4

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