BASKETBALL: Dijon loses to Peristeri in overtime

Nenad Markovic’s men will face the decider at the Palais des Sports hoping to qualify for the BCL finals, where they lost in extra time at Perister.

The first minutes of the match are turbulent, with Dijonnais and the Athenians making a lot of mistakes, which slows down the pace of the match. Thus, the first points are scored at the free throw line. However, the game gradually settles down in the first quarter, which is similar to the game a week ago. Indeed, JDA players do not have external addresses, forcing them to score points during penetration. In turn, the Greeks rely on the power of their inner sector to multiply the dots in the drawing. At the start of the match, one player will stand out and he is from Burgundy. Slovenian defenseman Gregor Hrovat literally walked on water in this first quarter, combining outside shots and aggression near the rim. According to the results of the competition, the guests dig the first difference at the end of the first 10 minutes (12-20).

Coach Markovic’s men are therefore determined to secure a berth and offer a very exciting level of play, such as Markis McDuffie’s huge basket fueled by a foul at the 3-point line. The locals literally went wild and trailed by 10 points early in the second quarter. Despite everything, the players of the legendary Spanulis stand out and manage to get back into the game, taking advantage of a questionable selection option from Dijonnais, as well as the hot shooting of the French leader Sylvain Francisco, who combines big shots. . The two teams are tied 4 minutes after the break (28-28). The Dijonnais would nevertheless manage to take the lead at the end of the first twenty minutes thanks to a contribution from Robin Ducote off the bench.

After returning from the dressing room, the pace of the match has increased significantly. The locals and the visitors strike, making for a very enjoyable match on the attacking level with two teams looking to make quick strides. This “high-tempo” rhythm benefits the Greeks, who managed to regain control of the game (47-45) on Kaselakis’ first 3-point shot. This third quarter gets absolutely crazy with the two combinations taking turns exchanging bombs from the standoff. This clash, worthy of the greatest Westerners, will turn to the advantage of the Peristeri players, who look unstoppable in this quarter. The locals will approach the home field with a 5-unit (64-59) advantage.
However, let’s not forget that JDA benefits from a cast of great talent who know how to step out of their box when the situation calls for it. This is shown by Markis McDuffie, who is absolutely capital at the beginning of the 4th quarter, which allows his teammates to regain the lead in the game (65-64). But as you can imagine, the end of the game mirrored what happened in the first 35 minutes, a close encounter where two teams gave their last strength to win the game. The Dijonnais manage to take the lead with 2’45 from the end thanks to an extremely important shot (73-74) by the experienced David Brembly. The lead was immediately restored thanks to a basket by Juiston and a huge long shot by Deadmon. However, Dijonnais did not give up and bounced back thanks to a late 10 from Gavin Ware. Coach Markovic’s men would even have match point, but Hrovat’s strike was off target.

Therefore, the two teams went into extra time and it was the Greeks who kept the score in the extra 5 minutes. Dijonnais had a chance to come back with five seconds left, but David Holston missed his outside kick.


Fact sheet:

Peristeri beat JDA Dijon 92 to 88 (12-20, 25-20, 27-19, 17-22-11-7)


– Peristeri: Denmon (14) / Francisco (18) / Bilan (16) / Agravanis (16) / Kaselakis (13) / Radanov (5) / Juiston (2) / Moraitis (5)
– JDA Dijon: Holston (8) / Brembly (5) / McDuffie (20) / Ducoté (21) / Horvath (18) / Ware (12) / Alingue (2) / Loum (2)

Go through:

– Perister: Francisco (8) / Denmon (7) / Balance sheet (4)
– JDA Dijon: Holston (10) / Hrovat (7) / Alingue (4)


– Peristeri: Balance sheet (8) / Radanov (7) / Kaselakis (7)
– JDA Dijon: McDuffie (8) / Hrovat (8) / Ware (8)

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