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The Bespoke Infinity Line offers high-quality materials, practical features and great storage convenience to suit any lifestyle.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announces the launch of Custom Infinite Line in several countries around the world.

This new premium built-in line includes a refrigerator, freezer and wine cellar. Its modular design, timeless and modern, allows it to fit perfectly into any interior, while optimizing food storage thanks to its advanced features.

Each model in the Bespoke series opens up new customization possibilities for more users.said Jun Hwa Lee, Executive Vice President of Digital Devices and Director of Customer Experience at Samsung Electronics. With premium materials and modular design, the Bespoke Infinite Line brings Samsung’s customization approach to premium devices, offering the ultimate combination of elegance and performance. »

A timeless design that beautifies every kitchen

Endless design stands out for its harmonious style, the strength of its materials, high-quality finishes and the elegance of its constituent elements.

Like other refrigerators in the Bespoke series, the Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator has a modular design and can be combined with other models to meet changing consumer needs. The Infinite design reinforces this modularity while maintaining the refrigerator’s elegance, regardless of the user’s expectations. With its clean lines, smooth surfaces, timeless gray color and golden copper frame, it enhances any interior without the risk of going out of style.

The exterior of the refrigerator is made of high-quality aluminum, which increases resistance to shocks and scratches, and at the same time easily removes traces on its surface. The sleek and tidy interior features Black Metal Cooling and Tunnel Lighting, combining aesthetics and practicality.

The Black Metal Cooling system applied to the door and air duct creates an impression of depth with a high-quality look, while quickly returning the refrigerator to the space after the door is opened, helping to keep food fresher for longer. Tunnel Lighting on the frame and shelves not only enhances the device, but also allows you to clearly see every corner of the refrigerator. The interior is not only beautiful but also spacious. The total capacity of the refrigerator and freezer is 805 liters[1]and the wine cellar can store 101 bottles.

It is always more practical

The new Auto Open Door has a side sensor[2] allows you to open the door instantly with a simple touch[3]. Thus, the front part of the refrigerator is devoid of handles and has a sleek and sophisticated design.

Automatic Filling Jug Carafe[4] does not contain BPA[5] and is dishwasher safe[6]. Easily delivers freshly filtered water at any time. The device also has an infuser[7] integrated to create flavored drinks by adding fruit or infusion. Finally, thanks to the Dual Auto Ice Maker, users can buy ice at any time.[8]offers a choice of spherical or cubic ice cubes.

Optimal freshness

Thanks to the various storage options offered by the No Order Endless Line, users can store different types of food in optimal conditions that preserve all their taste and freshness.

Flex Pantry Drawer[9] temperature control allows users to quickly switch from one preset temperature to another according to their daily needs. The two preset temperature modes are ideal for storing a wide variety of foods (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables), preserving their natural taste and texture for longer.

Multifunctional wine cellar [10] brings the same level of freshness adapted to wine conservation. Equipped with three different zones and precise temperature control, it offers the possibility to keep different bottles in ideal conditions at the same time.

Suitable for a variety of lifestyles

From storing wine to monitoring electricity consumption, this connected line is easy as a child to use.

SmartThings Sommelier at Home feature[11] facilitates wine storage by analyzing bottle labels and providing information on the most suitable storage conditions. Together with SmartThings Cooking, it offers the ideal food and wine pairing just like a true sommelier.[12]

In addition, thanks to SmartThings Energy, users can monitor the refrigerator’s electricity consumption in real time and receive tips to limit their carbon footprint and save money.

AI Energy mode allows you to go further by analyzing usage patterns and other factors to optimize various parameters of the refrigerator and thereby achieve energy savings.

[1] Refrigerator capacity: 393 l; freezer capacity: 412l.

[2] The Auto Open Door hinge is located on the right on the refrigerator and wine cellar models, and on the left on the freezer.

[3] The door automatically opens up to about 25 mm. If you do not open the door further, it will automatically close after 2 seconds (automatic closing may not be possible in some environments).

[4] Available only in refrigerator model.

[5] Bisphenol A (BPA) is present in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins commonly used in food and beverage containers and has been linked to possible adverse health effects.

[6] Tested for 125 cycles according to the “Mechanical resistance of dishes in a dishwasher” test method (BS EN 12875-1:2005) and certified as dishwasher safe by SGS.

[7] The infuser should be filled with your favorite fruit or herb before using it to produce flavored water.

[8] Available in freezer model only.

[9] Available only in refrigerator model.

[10] Available only in wine cellar model.

[11] SmartThings Sommelier at Home, SmartThings Cooking, and SmartThings Energy require a wireless network, a Samsung account, and the SmartThings app. The Samsung SmartThings app is available on the Play Store and App Store. The app supports Android OS 8.0 (Oreo) or later optimized for Samsung smartphones. It also supports iOS 13 or later for iPhone models.

[12] Food and wine pairings are only available in certain countries.


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