The automotive technical control sector is looking for 1000 specialists

About 25 million cars undergo technical inspection every year. But to be precise, there is a shortage of personnel in the sector. More recently, the National Automobile Training Association (ANFA) thus estimated that there is a need to recruit more than 1,000 light vehicle technical inspectors across the country. Although this profession is difficult to recruit, it is really important for road safety.

Missions and working conditions

With a passion for cars and mechanics, a maintenance supervisor must be rigorous and methodical, with a keen sense of analysis, responsibility and ultimately customer relations (self-control, patience and diplomacy).

Working independently or at approved technical inspection centers linked to a national network, this specialist tests more than 100 control points (registration, lighting, brakes, tires) and tests vehicles over 4 years old and weighing less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes. checks. , axles, chassis, pollution, etc.). His responsibilities are important because he writes the inspection report, which makes him the guarantor of the safety of the vehicle and therefore of its users.

On a daily basis, this technician performs periodic and supplemental inspections and counter-visits by applying quality procedures in place. He is involved in the maintenance of stations and various equipment and controls (suspension and brake test bench, compressor, manometer, gas and smoke analyzer, etc.).

The Automotive Technical Inspector performs periodic and additional inspections and counter-visits by applying applicable quality procedures – iStock

In addition, he uses the monitoring software and input tool, edits, verifies and approves the report of the inspected vehicles, while greeting the customers and informing about the observed faults. Writing, compiling and creating regulatory, administrative and commercial documents are also part of its missions.

Supervised course

You must have a clean criminal record to legally perform a car appraisal. It is also necessary to obtain prefectural approval, which is given to graduates with at least 4 years of experience in the field of car maintenance (mechanical, body or electrical) and about 9 weeks of specialized training in the field.

From CAP to BTS, passing professional bachelor and BUT (formerly DUT), several training courses in automotive repair, maintenance and maintenance (metalwork, bodywork, electrical, etc.) do this mandatory internship and with this profession get busy

Among them, for example, professional bachelor in body repair, professional bachelor in vehicle maintenance option A passenger cars or BTS Vehicle maintenance option A passenger cars (baccalaureate level +2).

Focus: CQP, professional training

There are over 130 professional certifications in the automotive service field. Still little known, the light vehicle inspector professional certificate of qualification (CQP) is available to people of all ages (young graduates, people in retraining, job seekers) who have at least a CAP or equivalent in vehicle maintenance. This work-study training lasts several months, depending on the different training organizations, and allows efficient and rapid integration into the business world.

Salary and developments

A technical supervisor can be a business manager or an employee. In recent years, he can develop into a team leader or center manager. It can also specialize in technical evaluation for heavy trucks.

In terms of salary, a starting technical supervisor generally receives a gross monthly salary of around €1,500. But this amount can change quickly depending on his specialty, training center or region.

Good to know: find out about this profession at, the portal of the National Association of Automotive Training, and at, the National Agency for Vocational Education.

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