Promising projects for l’art de rien

Located within the Grande rue, in the heart of the village of Ousson-sur-Loire, La Petite Galerie aims to be a place of freedom and openness to an eclectic culture accessible to all.

Even in a village that hosts the activities of the association L’art de rien, chaired by Philippe Le Dem. “The structure aims to offer a cultural and entertainment space related to entertainment, activities and exhibitions. For this, we created a room called La Petite Galerie, which aims to bring life to the village, especially to celebrate life through exhibitions of local artists, but also from further afield,” emphasizes Eke Mekkes.

Various courses and seminars

The treasurer of the association also oversees the meetings. “We offer painting and drawing classes for adults and plastic art classes for the little ones. For some time now, English classes for children and adults with a good flow list “Fine Arts studies and distinguished by fluency in French, English and Dutch. .

The organization, which has 215 members, will continue to raise awareness about the recycling of objects. It is based on the contract signed with the Joint Syndicate for the collection and processing of household waste in Giende, while working on a partnership project with the association Valorisons nos ressources, a furniture transformation project to have a space on site in Giende.

Eke Mekkes adds: “For the workshops, we are thinking of resuming the yoga classes next spring under the direction of our secretary Dorothée Moine and organizing a ‘Cha tourne’ until the end of January. This animation aims to offer exercises in diction, improvisation and elocution to get comfortable in front of the lens. will be carried and directed by Philippe Le Dem.

Drawing for all levels

Movie nights will be enriched with open scenes throughout the year. Finally, in addition to the opportunity to acquire the full range of local products at La Petite Galerie, the volunteers want to offer everyone the opportunity to fully participate in painting classes in the bucolic setting of the banks of the Loire. weather, from next summer season. This action will be carried out with the support of the Berry Loire Puisaye community community as part of the cultural season.

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Eke Mekkes assures: “These sessions will be open to everyone, regardless of their level. We are discussing with a well-known artist in the area to accompany me for the frame. After that, we will think together about the methods of exhibiting these paintings, which have the right to travel around the towns and villages of the community area. »

Comfortable. Art of Nothing at La Petite Galerie, 4 rue Grande in Ousson-sur-Loire. Information or Membership is set at €5 per year.


Manuel Kara’s exhibition will open in 2023. From this Sunday, January 15, and for at least five weeks, the walls of La Petite Galerie will give way to the works of artist and painter Manuel Cara, who lives in the Nevers (Nièvre) region. “Manuel Cara relies on landscapes and the natural environment to convey emotions through his paintings. From now on, because we love spontaneity, we will organize other exhibitions without a clear agenda,” explains Eke Mekkes, who invites enthusiasts to come and discover this amazing exhibition.

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