Breton, regulars, Stromae… Discover the candidates for Victoires de la musique 2023 – France

  • 1 Airs of deja vu

  • Do we take the (almost) identical ones and start over? The Victoires de la Musique 2023 ceremony will be broadcast on February 10, 2022. Orelsan, Angèle and Clara Luciani are nominated in three categories, and their latest albums are from 2021.

    In 2022, the Victoires de la Musique was crushed by Orelsan and Clara Luciani. The rapper scored a hat trick in the categories of male artist, song (“The Smell of Gasoline”) and audiovisual creation for the documentary “Never Show This To Anyone”. The singer received a double with the female artist trophy and the price of the album (“Heart”). The two artists will return this year in the Original Songs (for titles released in 2021) and Concert categories, as well as in the Audiovisual Creation category for Orelsa’s music video for La Quête.

    In addition to Orelsan and Clara Luciani, this year we will find Juliette Armanet, Angèle and Ben Mazué already appointed in 2022.

  • 2. Polar stroma

  • Stromae returned in 2022 with the aptly titled Multitude. The Belgian named in four categories is at the top of the nominations. After a break caused by depression, the artist was awarded male artist, album (“Multitude”), song (“Hell”) and audiovisual creativity awards for the video “Sons of Joy”.

    Stromae will not be present at La Seine Musicale at the gates of Paris on February 10, as he worked as master of ceremonies for the 37th Victories last year. It performed well in the French market, becoming the third best-selling album of 2022 behind Orelsan and Ninho. “I have a competitive side,” Stromae told AFP in March 2022. That’s good, he’s in pole position.

  • 3. Belgium is valid

  • In terms of wins, Stromae leads Orelsan with three nominations and another Belgian, Angèle, with three. We’ll hear about Belgium on February 10, as another artist from that country, Pierre de Maere, advances with two nominations, while Belgium’s Mentissa gets a single mention in the Female Revelation category.

    Angèle is already guaranteed to walk away with the Victory for “most streamed album by an artist” for “Nonante-Cing”. The artist is also named in the Best Album category with the song “Nonante-five la suite”, which is not an original album, but a re-release from last November. Funny choice.

  • 4. Breton in the race

  • He will have the tough task of representing Brittany: Rennais will advance to Victories 2023 in the Male Revelation category alongside Lujipeka Tiakola, Pierre de Maere and Jacques. Far from being an outsider in his category, Lujipeka won the NRJ Music Awards for “Francophonie Discovery of the Year” last November.

    Even there, however, the Victories are slightly behind schedule, as Breton’s debut album, Mountains Russian, is slated for a November 2021 release. The “Mountains Russian Menu XL” reissue hits stores on February 3rd. A week before the victory ceremony. Perhaps an opportunity to perform one of the rapper’s new songs on stage.

    Victoires de la Musique 2023 nominations

    Male Artist:• Bigflo and Oli• Grand Corps Malade, Ben Mazué and Gaël Faye• StromaeFemale artist:• Angèle• Izia• AppleMale revelation:• Lujipeka• Tiacola• Jacques• Pierre de MaereFemale revelation:• Mentissa• November ultra• Emma PetersBest Album:• Added “Beside” by Jeanne• “Consolation” by Pomme• “Ephemeral” by Grand Corps Malade, Ben Mazué and Gaël Faye• “Multitude” by Stromae• “Nonante-five la suite” by AngèleOriginal song:• “Heart” by Clara Luciani • “Flame” by Juliette Armanet • “Hell” by Stromae • “The Quest” by Orelsan • “One Day I’ll Marry an Angel” by Pierre de MaereConcert:• Juliette Armanet • Clara Luciani for “Respire encore tour” • Orelsan for “Civilization tour”.Audiovisual creativity:• “Coup de vieux” by Bigflo and Oli feat Julien Doré • “Fils de joie” by Stromae • “La Quête” by OrelsanMost streamed album by an artist:• “Jefe” by NinhoMost streamed album by an artist:• “Nonante-Cing” by Angèle

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