A heterogeneous program at the beginning of 2023

FOCUS – The winter break is over at Grand Angle de Voiron. He is preparing to return to the people with the theater AntigoneJanuary 11, 2023. With big names such as Pierre Perret, Tryo, Alex Vizorek and Maxime Leforestier, a fascinating program alternating local scene and national references will continue until May.

Flashback: two big stars took the Grand Angle de Voiron stage at the end of 2022. Vanessa Paradis arrived there on December 13 with her first game. Three days later it was Jérémy Frérot promoting his second solo album. Change of course: The Voironnais room attacks 2023 with a talented troupe from Isère led by Jean-Vincent Brisa. Wednesday, January 11, the company comes to play En scène et elsewhere Antigone.

In January 2023, Le Grand Angle immediately programs two different shows: Antigone, which the local troupe appears in Avignon this summer, and the new a one man show multi media Arnaud Ducret. A large gap is assumed. DR.

Vincent Villenave, the director of Le Grand Angle, saw the play in Avignon last summer – it was during the closing hours of the festival. He defends this version of the ancient myth, reviewed by the German Bertolt Brecht in 1948, which never ceases to amaze modernity.

After the same observation a to show very different, January 13: Arnaud Ducret. Passing by TV and movie theater boxes, the comedian returns to the boards for a single scene, This is life. Chance, I guess lift the curtain on intimacy with gentle sincerity “.

Le Grand Angle de Voiron welcomes collectives from the Grenoble scene

Until the end of January, the Grand Angle de Voiron will continue to alternate between the local scene and national references. With one stability: quality care. We are happy to accept bets with two very active teams from the Grenoble agglomeration.

Compagnie Scalene comes with a dance show on January 18, If I were you, to question one’s place in the world. The same existential opposite for Country peopleOn January 26, the work of a Quebecois artist living in Paris, accompanied by Grenoble residents of the Trois Bureau.

Familiar faces Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Steevy Boulay and Philippe Beglia will be at Le Grand Angle on the 20th with Les Beaux-Pères.  DR.

Familiar faces Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Steevy Boulay and Philippe Beglia will be at Le Grand Angle on the 20th. Stepfathers. DR.

Those interested will also choose other programs according to their wishes. For example, a room StepfathersWith Steevy Boulay, Jean-Pierre Castaldi and Philippe Beglia, January 20 or family show Caterpillar in the heart, 31 (props and puppet theater).

Vincent Villenave does not hide his taste for particularly heterogeneous programming. Wide Angle is well suited to this with its very small size and capacity of up to 2400 spectators. The director is happy to highlight a few personal favorites until the end of the 2022-2023 season, which is next May.

Music, theater, dance… the desire to enhance aesthetics

Among the pleasant surprises expected before spring, Vincent Villenave announces Tales, February 23. Imaginary Travel Agency from Marseille ” (the) makes him happy. These are actors, singers, dancers and musicians who present fireworks shows among all these aesthetics. This time, the conversation will consist of revisiting about twenty texts of La Fontaine.

Vincent Villenave, director of Le Grand Angle, says there are many good things about Concerto pour deux clowns, a musical show promoted by a company from Marseille.  Discovering (or rediscovering) on ​​March 3rd.  © The Wandering Kings.

Vincent Villenave, director of Le Grand Angle, speaks highly of this A concert for two clowns, a musical show promoted by the Jura company. Discovering (or rediscovering) March 3, 2023. © Les Rois Vagabonds

Another alleged favorite of the director: Compagnie des Rois vagabonds from the Jura. Expected March 3, his A concert for two clowns is a play of seduction and confrontation between men and women, acrobats, musicians, magicians and virtuosos. “. A show that aims to be funny and moving, 100% clownish and silent, all to the tunes of Vivaldi, Strauss and Bach, among others.

Also zoom in Hotel Bellevue, scheduled for March 17. The Arcosm Lyon company of the brothers Thomas and Bertrand Guerry presents a hybrid show between dance and cinema. Representation” fantastic, with a slightly strange tone, scary, dreamyVincent Villenave defines. The characters are trapped in a hotel and manage to escape with their imaginations projected onto the screen. The interaction between what is happening on this screen and the scene creates a form of continuity. This is a moment of true happiness, a hopeful ending “. It’s hard to fight curiosity.

Le Grand Angle de Voiron is at the service of amateur artists

The room should host many other shows this winter with national big names like Pierre Perret or Tryo. Later this year he will also announce Alex Vizorek and Maxime Leforestier and promote other great, more intimate shows. All this without forgetting his very close missions. At the end of the season, Grand Angle de Voiron will present a special “All Creators” week. By the age of 25e according to the publication, this event is expected to bring together approximately 2,000 local amateur artists from Voiron and the surrounding area.

Le Grand Angle has also gained a good reputation as the main camp of the Livres à vous festival and the shows outside the walls. Funded by the community community Pays Voironnais, supported by the Department, it attracts a diverse audience. According to Jérôme Villenave, an audience from the local basin, the conurbation of Grenoble, around Lyon or Valence and sometimes even from Ain and Savoie. ” An artist like Bernard Lavilliers, whom we welcomed last December, attracts audiences from all over. “the director concludes.

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