ZFE in Toulouse. Some vehicles are (also) removed from the parking lot for residents

Resident parking will no longer be available for vehicles with Crit’Air 4, 5 and unclassified stickers and soon Crit’Air 3. (©Illustration / Toulouse City Hall)

Private cars, motorcycles and other two-wheelers… From 1 yearer January 2023, from the first personal vehicles It is forbidden to enter the perimeter regulated by the Low Emission Zone (ZFE) of the Pink City. Specifically, all vehicles Crit’air 4, 5 and unclassified (the most polluting) can no longer circulate in Toulouse, but also in a part of Tournefeuille and Colomiers.

Despite the bonuses applied, the mayor of Toulouse knows that the “remaining balance is still very high” for low-income families who want to change vehicles Jean-Luc Moudenc urged the government to “take responsibility” and double your aid given to individuals. Elected officials of the metropolis of Toulouse also pointed out the inconsistency between these vehicles, which are now banned, after noting that they were “the state that created the ZFEs”… resident parking. An event that will be relevant from next year Crit’Air 3 thumbnails.

Crit’Air 4 and 5 are now out of resident parking!

Elected officials approved a so-far-ignored measure Thursday: Holders of vignettes of 4 and 5 i just can’t no longer benefits from resident parking. “It is necessary to be consistent,” he defended Francois Chollet, asked about it. Metropolis’ Vice-President for Ecology believes that avoiding this effect will favor “sucking cars”.

“With resident parking, a vehicle cannot remain parked for more than 24 hours without movement. It would be inconsistent to allow resident parking for polluting vehicles that will no longer be able to drive around Toulouse…”.

Francois CholletVice President of Ecology of the City of Toulouse Métropole

“I’m not going to delay list of exceptions, “Cars that don’t meet the right criteria will be able to enter,” confirmed Jean-Luc Moudenc, who took care to remind residents of the area that they are worried about being able to enter Toulouse. metro park and ride, even within the EPZ.

The ZFE crossing is not compatible with residents’ parking

Drivers with Crit’Air 4, 5 and unclassified vignettes who reside in Toulouse and have previously benefited from resident parking are now contradictions.

Toulouse founded Métropole ZFE switch, to allow small rolls traveling in a polluting vehicle, but only valid 52 days a year. However, as the community points out on its website, “being a resident does not exempt you from complying with the rules in force restricting parking in Toulouse. a certain place for 24 hours in a row”. Owners of all Crit’Air 4, 5 or unclassified vehicles are therefore mechanically excluded from resident parking unless they commit an offense by moving their vehicle more than the permitted 52 days per year… If they can still slip through the cracks , things will get seriously complicated in 2024 with the introduction of automated driving. sixty cameras will read the numbers automatically.

Crit’Air 3 soon became a concern as well

from 1er In January 2024, a few months before the cameras roll out, other drivers will be in the same situation: Crit’Air 3 thumbnails. Metropolis is also set to release new aid to individuals in February, mainly to “help owners of Crit’Air 3 vehicles and motorcycles equip themselves with clean engines.”

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Regardless of whether they can afford a new car or not, these drivers seem doomed to part with their polluting vehicles. Except because rent or buy a parking space or private garage; they won’t be able to park in Toulouse anymore!

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