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In Paris, a new association of Lebanese descent called “Cabinet d’artiste”, one of the co-founders of which is turning a doctor’s office waiting room into a mini-art gallery with exhibitions, especially works by Lebanese people. artists are established. The aim is to introduce a somewhat artistic atmosphere to medical care.

The medical office has turned into a mini “art gallery”: this is the challenge that the association has set for itself “Artist’s Office” which turns the waiting rooms of medical offices into a mini-art gallery. One of the co-founders of the association, Glenn Saliba, an osteopath of Lebanese origin, made this project a reality in his office in the 15ᵉ arrondissement of Paris, to organize various temporary exhibitions of works by artists, especially painters. Works by Lebanese artists.

in a short interview with This is BeirutGlenn Saliba explains that the project arose out of a simple questioning of the visibility enjoyed by artworks during incarceration.. “During a health crisis, the only places that are very busy are medical centers”, he notes. He then founded the project Artist’s cabinet begins with his cultural intermediary friend Blanche and three different medical practices in Meudon.

“Not works of art not only decorative objects, but also works that carry an important message for communication, Ms. Saliba emphasizes. Therefore, the doctor meets with the artist and discusses his works, thereby obtaining all the information he needs to talk about them to his patients. Works are also for sale.

Osteopath explains This is Beirut His patients’ interest in art led him to organize small temporary exhibitions, seminars, conferences, round tables, etc. makes this project continue by offering. “Many patients are sensitive to art, for me it is part of their well-being,” Glen highlights Saliba.

The works of several Lebanese artists are exhibited within the project launched by the “Cabinet d’artiste” association.

Immerse yourself in the culture

through the body

Within this project, all kinds of artworks (paintings, videos, photos, etc.) can be exhibited. the first exhibition called “Lebanon Inspire” It was exhibited from March 22 to 1er June 2022, photographs by artists Joséphine Bichareil and Yara Haber. Two artists who share the same vision and pay particular attention to nature and the environment, especially in Lebanon. Within this exhibition Artist’s cabinet June 26 organized three workshops titled Sunday “Workshop of oriental dances”, Immerse yourself in Lebanese culture through the body led by Lebanese dancer Yara Nouna.

It is a video installation that proposes to exhibit with the artist Pénélope Maracadé Artist’s cabinet. Under the theme “Idleness, improvisation and body intelligence”, this installation consists of six screens, each of which presents a workshop aimed at developing body intelligence.

Educate patients about art

The healing effect of paint

Currently an exhibition called “Lebanese Art Therapy” Lebanese artist Lea Nasnas presents the paintings of Chami, who opens the door to her world to understand the healing effect that painting has on her. Through vibrant, blue or metallic colors, she lets her inner child, nicknamed “Ley,” express herself. “I’m hypersensitive and painting soothes the inner turmoil,” explains Lea Nasnas in a short interview This is Beirut. His style, he calls it “art-emotion”.

This project Artists cabinet, is very promising, it allows to organize a subtle and interesting meeting between art and science and thus to make the medical experience more pleasant. In this framework, a number of projects are implemented.

It is possible to follow the news Artist’s cabinet on social networks, especially Instagram @cabinetdartist.

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