The French team in the match for the podium in the single mixed relay

12:24 p.m


The Norwegians, who have mastered the race, win logically.

12:23 p.m

Jeanmonnot accelerates and slides on the rising flat! France is moving towards the silver medal!

12:23 p.m

Jeanmonnot and Basserga are only a few meters apart…

12:22 p.m

Switzerland was only 5 seconds behind France after the last shot.

12:21 p.m

In any case, France is confident of the podium!

12:21 p.m

Jeanmonnot has to make a stick… And puts it! Switzerland really excels in contact. But Jeanmonnot seems to go faster on skis.

12:21 p.m

Norway will win!

Trandevold is a 5/5 standing shot and will be able to have a quiet last round.

12:19 p.m

Make way for Tandrevold’s last shot!

12:19 p.m

If Lou Jeanmonnot is clear of Tandrevold (currently 40 seconds), he is ahead of the Americans (22 seconds), who are 4th.

12:18 p.m

After shooting, biathletes will have to start from the last lap, we remind.

12:17 p.m

Norway lead 30 seconds after a penalty kick. The road to victory looks royal.

12:16 p.m

Lou Jeanmonnot provides his turn! He will take second place ahead of Switzerland at 5/5.

12:15 p.m

Tandrevold’s recital!

Novégiuenne takes full possession and holds the lead.

12:15 p.m

Norway comes up with shot number 7, the last slant shot of this contest!

12:14 p.m

Tandrevold remains the leader. Jeanmonnot follows in 21 seconds. He lost some time on the track.

12:12 p.m

Samuelsson is completely knocked down and will have to serve a three-round penalty.

12:12 p.m

Antonin Guigonnat comes out alone in second place. Jeanmonnot started 13 seconds behind Tandrevold.

12:11 p.m

Put them on and you will come out on top!

12:11 p.m

Two sins of the Norwegian who opened the door!

12:10 p.m

Christiansen places himself on mat #1. The first hour of truth.

12:10 p.m

The men will take their last shot before allowing their teammates to finish.

12:09 p.m

Now Hartweg is on duty.

12:09 p.m

Antonin Guigonnat takes charge and goes after Christiansen.

12:08 p.m

At the exit of the 5th inning, Frank leads the fourth place by 16 seconds.

12:07 p.m

Antonin Guigonnat takes second place with Hartweg!

12:07 p.m

That doesn’t stop Christiansen from getting 5/5 and coming out on top.

12:06 p.m

The wind raised a fork to the right.

12:06 p.m

Make way for the men’s second prone shot.

12:06 p.m

France is more in the game than ever to reach the podium!

12:05 p.m

In the intermediate stage, Christiansen is 13 seconds ahead of Guigonnat, who has 7 points in Hartweg.

12:04 p.m

The men left for the second job.

12:03 p.m

Filling in for Jeanmonnot

The French managed 5/5 and put Guigonnat in ideal conditions. He is 8 seconds behind Tandrevold.

12:03 p.m

A small mistake for Tandrevold. He didn’t take long to land the ball and beat Christiansen.

12:02 p.m

Tandrevold steps in for a kick.

12:01 p.m

Jeanmonnot accelerates on the climb to take the lead of the chasing pack.

12:00 p.m

Tandrevold raced to the front on his own in this second lap.


France is in the second group. It is accompanied by Switzerland and the United States.


Full for Tandrevold, allowing Norway to go ahead.


Tandrevold and Jeanmonnot arrive for the first prone shot.


Norway and France are working together to return Lou Jeanmonnot to Switzerland.


Antonin Guigonnat had to draw twice on his feet.


Switzerland is ahead of Norway. France is also with Japan.


There are many winds and many mistakes.


Two faults for Christiansen who opened the door.


Christiansen comes first in the standing stroke. After this shot, the men will pass the baton to their teammate.


Norway’s advantage increased to 13 seconds.


Samuelsson leads the chasing pack. All but Christiansen are grouped.


Norway leads Germany by 9 seconds at the end of the first round. It’s already a big gap.


Christiansen stands out. Antonin Guigonnat appears in the senior group after drawing once.


The men come to the firing line for the first prone shot.


Samuelsson follows him. Guigonnat is not far away now.

11:46 a.m

It goes very fast. Norway’s Kristiansen is going full throttle and has already started to extend the peloton.

11:45 a.m

The best start to this simple mixed relay! It’s Antonin Guigonnat and the boys who open the ball for the Blues.

11:41 a.m

?️ Weather spot

It’s raining in Pokljuka and the wind is blowing left and right on the launch pad. Conditions are far from ideal.


Martin Fourcade: “What was the ink? Schizophrenia of the father and the athlete »


Simple mixed relay, how does it work?

Each biathlete performs 2 passes. During each of them, they must perform a prone throw and a standing throw. The relay is held at the exit of the shooting range, after standing shooting. A biathlete who finishes the relay must make an extra lap to cross the finish line.

Importantly, athletes have three cue balls per inning.


Other nations should follow

Norway: Vetle Sjaastad Chrisiansen and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold

Sweden: Sebastian Samuelsson and Linn Persson

Austria: Simon Eder and Lisa Theresa Hauser

Germany: Justus Strelow and Janina Hettich-Walz


Composition of the French relay

The French double will consist of Antonin Guigonnat and Lou Jeanmonnot. The latter is also one of the highlights on the circuit this season.

11:07 a.m

Women’s Suit Summary: Julia Simon was 3rd in the pursuit in Pokljuka, dominated by Elvira Oeberg

The biathlon World Cup in Slovenia will stop this week, on January 7, with the women’s race. After an eventful race, the French Julia Simon finally managed to keep her place on the podium. Sweden’s Elvira Oeberg, who won the sprint race two days ago, won again and took points from Julia Simon in the general classification.

11:00 a.m

Speaking of allegations, here’s a summary of the men’s lawsuit: Boe solo winner in the pursuit in Pokljuka, first podium for Fillon Maillet


Quentin Filon Maillet, after his first podium: “I hope the great Quentin returns”

10:47 a.m

Hello to everybody ! Welcome to live coverage of this simple medley relay, the first of two races of the day in Pokljuka, Slovenia.

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