Flashback to the French handball team match, the first big event at CO’Met d’Orléans

Jesus, Manon, Patou, Clémence, Pascal, but also Nicolas, Vincent, Valentin or Ludovic: among the 9,800 anonymous people who filled the great CO’Met gym from floor to ceiling, on January 7, as part of the French handball team, thoughts from this first balloon trip then it was unanimous. The adventure was great. Very nice. Whether it ended with the song of the victory over Egypt (33-32), or at the final of the French tournament and sharing time with the Olympic champions, he brought happiness to the hearts and colors to the eyes, without sparing laughter, autographs or selfies.

Very family audience

Flanked by his two sons, Noah and Soren, Clémence concluded, “It’s great.” “The room is very nice, the atmosphere too. It’s great! Once the French team goes to Orleans, it would be a shame not to come,” said rich Arnaud, Nikola Karabatic’s jersey is blue on the back, white and red on the cheeks. He also came with his family. “It’s a gift for our two kids to see their favorite players.” Bastien, still a little boy, nodded pointing to the number 13 worn by his father.
Unlike Clemens, “the match was booked as soon as it was announced on the website Rap’“, Manon, she hadn’t planned to travel from Montargis. “It’s a surprise: it’s my Christmas present!

“If the French team goes to Orleans once, it would be a shame not to come!”

Arnaud (Nikola Karabatic shirt behind)

The curiosity to discover CO’Met played on the crowd; The French hand team that enjoys no other, less, perhaps, a capital of great sympathy. “He’s a mover with his track record and big names,” said José of Saint-Jean-le-Blanc and Francis of Fleury. “But the show goes beyond the field, supporting Eric and Montargois. He’s also in the audience. Actually, it’s a show. And a good one!”

Vincent Gérard, the guardian of the Blue Temple, was not the last to share his emotions.

“It’s nice to play in a full hall, dedicated to our work… In Poland, at the World Cup, it will be the opposite!”

Vincent Gerard (goalkeeper of the French national team)

While Valentin Porte was disappointed not to be in the game (“substitute”), he noted the “very nice atmosphere” and the “quality of the room”. One of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. However, in France and in Europe!” “We are not used to such beautiful rooms in a sports configuration, this symmetry, this proximity to the public, added Nikola Karabatic. We felt the energy, the applause… It was great!”

Shared happiness

Maybe the France boss even heard the sound of “Marseille being thrown in the middle of the match” or saw “all those fans in blue jerseys”. “The passion is heartening,” said Ludovic Fabregas. And it boosts confidence capitalized on preparation.

“It was a pleasure for us,” concluded Nikola Karabatic. Shared happiness. “We’ll be back,” said Jose and Francis already. Éric, he checked out the World Volleyball League at the end of June. But if CO’Met wants to be more than a beautiful room, it will need more than Blues from time to time to live fully and regularly …

Pascal Bourgeais

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