Elon Musk, Emmanuel’s rant

After keeping you informed throughout the year, Automobile Proper takes stock of 2022. In turn, members of the editorial board share their favorites and crazy ideas… and start looking ahead to 2023. Today we continue with Emmanuel.

A car that makes its mark in 2022

A car celebrating 2022 for me Hyundai Ioniq 6. The electric sedan of the Korean group has many advantages.

Its design is one in my opinion, with the appearance of a Porsche from another universe. Although designed for efficiency, Hyundai hasn’t given up on stylistic explorations. The result is stunning, with unique lines and aesthetic details that bring it closer to the Ioniq 5.

However, the styling of the two electric cars is completely different. This is mainly due to the aerodynamic research that went into creating the Ioniq 6. Indeed, the model applies the principles intended for racing cars.

Active aerodynamics becomes more democratized with an electric car, as it allows to optimize the aero-efficiency of cars, but the Ioniq 6 is designed entirely under this prism. The Cx record he has shown is a testament to his success.

As I waited to take the wheel myself, I admit it had an effect on me. Kudos to Hyundai for continuing to reinvent itself and push the development of its EVs even further.

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My favorite is 2022

My 2022 love will not go to a specific brand or event, but to a trend. I’m glad to see players in the EV industry trying to make it more affordable.

Indeed, it is difficult for many households to afford an electric car today. Either because of the price of cars, the price of fast charging, or the difficulty of finding a terminal.

That’s why I want to say hello MG brand The MG 4 electric compact comes at an incredible price. The Chinese are placed at the entry level at 28,990 euros before the bonus is deducted. After applying the latter, the price of the compact starts at 22,990 euros.

An incredible price for a car with more than just a presentation. Of course, Chinese manufacturers have many levers to lower prices. But thanks to this kick in the anthill he represents, we can hope for a faster democratization of electricity.

Likewise, Lidl’s approach I think the same applies to charging stations. Indeed, the retail giant has once again launched charging stations at a very competitive price. And for these prices, the service is very honorable, as we noted when testing the new terminals.

Of course, nothing says these advances won’t be caught up by inflation. Due to inflation, it is impossible to ensure that the prices of these bearish precursors will not have to be adjusted on the bearish rise. But they have the merit of moving a market that is only bullish, be it electric cars or charging stations, for at least a few months.

My 2022

My 2022 frenzy goes to a personality in this case Elon Musk. The evolution of the Tesla leader has been difficult to see this year. Once a respected businessman and industry pioneer, the man has redefined himself with his takeover of Twitter.

Until 2022, Elon Musk’s ramblings were sometimes annoying, often disturbing, but rarely disturbing. This year, the billionaire’s decision to buy Twitter sent him into an endless downward spiral. And that’s where Tesla trains.

The electric car brand’s valuation has indeed been hurt by Musk’s decisions. As soon as the acquisition was announced in April, the firm lost value after pulling back.

Ultimately forced to buy Twitter for $44 billion, Musk had to divest Tesla stock to finance the purchase. A decision that had other consequences for the company’s value in the fall.

But even worse is Twitter’s risky handling after the takeover, which is a cause for concern. Musk first publicly claimed that the company was in financial trouble, introducing a pay system along with layoffs.

It is disturbing that recently journalists who criticize him have been banned from the social network. As expected, the person claiming freedom of speech has actually become one of the most important censors in the world.

And it’s not reassuring to see him launch conspiracy theories close to the QAnon milieu or reminiscent of Donald Trump. Because at the same time, the share of Tesla, which was worth 400 dollars at the beginning of the year, is worth only 137 dollars today. This is the lowest level in two years and continues to fall as I write this.

The most anticipated 2023 innovation

It won’t necessarily be a very original choice, but I expect a lot from it R5 electric. After seeing the concept of the upcoming French electric city car, we cannot deny a certain impatience.

I can’t wait to see if Renault will apply the concept design to the production model. I can’t wait to see how well this electric R5 will be a worthy successor to the Renault Zoé.

Indeed, it has been the reference of the world electricity market for the last ten years. Thus, Renault is playing its part in the face of ever-increasing competition. We hope to see a city car at a reasonable price, but also with technical capabilities and an attractive design.

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