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Finally! After months of waiting, Google has announced the arrival of a completely new version of Android Auto, completely redesigned for the occasion. In the program: a general overhaul of the graphical interface and new functions. Enough to make cars even more connected.

The new version of Android Auto has been eagerly awaited for months. Google partially unveiled a redesign of its infotainment system at Google I/O in May 2022. We could see some glimpses of this new version in late 2022, but nothing official since the system is in beta. The wait for the arrival of Android Auto, which partially takes over the Android 13 codes in the middle of CES 2023 in Las Vegas, is already over. Deployment has already started.

Completely new interface

As stated in the press release of the American company, Android Auto is revising its interface to better adapt to different sizes and screen formats of cars, electric or not. Another big innovation the ability to customize the screen by dividing into different parts. Therefore, it is possible to use Spotify or YouTube Music while following Google Maps navigation, as seen in the presentation video.

The system goes further by allowing the screen to be split into three different tiles to display more information in real time. Of course, Android Auto is fully compatible with horizontally and vertically positioned screens. We’re thinking in particular of the Polestar 2 or the latest Renault Megane E-Tech.

A smarter system

Android Auto is also getting smarter: it offers you “smart” suggestions like Google Assistant for easier use reminders about missed calls, the ability to share your arrival time, or quick launch of podcasts or music. All this is customized according to your driving habits.

Shortcuts to send SMS messages faster and make phone calls more easily work well in this new version of Android Auto. In this regard, another great innovation is the possibility make WhatsApp audio calls from your car. Note that this feature is currently only compatible with Google Pixel and Samsung phones.

In terms of innovation, the appearance of a can be cited as an example progress bar when listening to a podcast or music. A much-requested feature that allows you to quickly and precisely advance your music or podcast whenever you want.

Android improves the Automotive game

In addition to the new features for Android Auto, Google has announced other features for Android Automotive this time. If Android Auto is compatible with most cars on the market regardless of the standard interface, Android Automotive goes even further as your smartphone connects to the car. This is a separate operating system that does not require a smartphone to work and replaces the traditional manufacturer’s interface.

We find Android Automotive in more and more cars: Volvo and Polestar, Renault, but also the latest BMW (in a less complete version). For these cars, Google makes life easier for drivers by allowing, for example share your car’s digital key (integrated into the smartphone) to loved ones. The feature was currently reserved for Pixels and iPhones, but the Mountain View company is announcing its arrival on Xiaomi and Samsung phones.

While we already know that Waze is available under Android Automotive, starting with the Renault Mégane E-Tech, Google announces that other applications are coming to cars. This is the case YouTube, which will allow you to watch videos from the home screen of your car without necessarily having your smartphone with you.

Google HD Maps: for more autonomous cars

Finally, the last announcement concerns Google HD Maps, detailed by our colleagues on the site. Numbers. Please note that this is not a new app. it’sultra detailed road map. In other words, it is a huge database provided by Google, which allows the car to find its way more easily on mapped roads, in addition to data received from sensors such as radars, cameras and LiDAR.

Google Maps HD in Volvo EX90
Google Maps HD in Volvo EX90

Thus, Google HD Maps can help the vehicle to position itself according to the environment, as the software integrates the position of white lines, safety barriers and signs. The American company takes as an example the new Volvo EX90 equipped with Polestar 3 or Google HD Maps: this allows the electric car to offer very advanced semi-autonomous driving, as shown in Volvo’s press release. We imagine it’s also one of Volvo’s secret boots, offering fully autonomous driving in an electric SUV weighing more than 2.8 tonnes.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Will this new version of Android Auto and the development of Android Automotive widen the gap with Apple’s CarPlay system? Nothing is less certain because the Apple brand wants to try to impose itself on the car market with the home interface shown at WWDC in the 2022 edition. Before launching its hypothetical electric car, Apple Because in the coming years.

Apple CarPlay prepares a titanic duel with Android Automotive

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