XMG CORE laptop is less than 31%

LAPTOP SALE. Winter sales, which have officially started in certain departments, are already offering some great promotions. This XMG Gamer PC is available for €1100.

Have you been waiting for the winter sales to crack on a new laptop? Promotions are starting to arrive! Although sales officially start this Wednesday, January 11th, deals are starting to appear in certain departments and on several sites!

You can find the current offer for the 2023 winter sales on laptops on the Bestware website. The manufacturer is currently offering a better deal on the XMG CORE 15 Gamer PC than the Black Friday deal. Don’t forget to select Crucial SSD to get a €500 discount when you visit the site. Find all the references of laptops to watch during the winter sales.

Winter 2023 sales on gaming PCs

Many gaming PCs have been discounted due to winter sales. These are perfect for fully enjoying your favorite video games thanks to their powerful performance and easy-to-portable size. Among the biggest manufacturers of gaming laptops, we find in particular the brands ASUS, MSI or ACER. Don’t hesitate to browse the specialty sites during sales to find your rare gem. Here we offer you the best PC Gamer products that you can avail of good discounts.

2023 winter sales on office laptops

Winter sales aren’t just for Gamers! Many Internet users appreciate having a simple laptop that can surf the web to check email, social networks, or watch online videos. Although these devices are not designed for running games, they are powerful enough to accompany you during your entertainment or work day. Find the best office laptop products to watch while they’re on sale!

2023 Winter Sale on MacBooks

MacBooks are also suitable for reading and working at home. Although their prices are generally higher than other business laptops, they are still a safe bet and a good investment. So, it is better to take advantage of the sale period to get a MacBook at a good price!

2023 winter sales are held from Wednesday January 11 until Tuesday February 7 in most departments. Note that these dates may vary depending on your location. Do not hesitate to consult our special article to learn all about the winter sales of 2023.

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