The first list of Little Big Mans cars and drivers has been announced

Officially, the first list of cars and drivers Little Big Men edited! 56 cars and their budding champions will face off in one of the flagship events Le Mans classic ! The selection committee will reconvene at the end of January to select the next promotion of pilots.

Open to children ages 7-12, Little Big Mans is a parade of exceptional miniature replicas of the sports cars for the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans! First of all, these miniature replicas are equipped with heat or electric motors! Among the cars that made the first list, we can already mention miniature copies of legendary models such as Peugeot 302-402, Jaguar Type D or Matra MS670! Full program!

Little Big Men is a parade, not a race

Little Big Men is a parade! Mini-drivers still have to wait to see who is the best among them: there will be no classification, because it is not a race in any way… another special thing: the start of this parade is a Le Mans-style start. , always under the standing ovation of the public!

Conquered public enthusiasm season after season

One thing is for sure, all previous editions of Little Big Mans have captivated the young and the old. Both the public and the participants won. Only 90 mini cars will be allowed to participate in this parade. Now it seems clear that the event must sell out quickly.

Little Big Mans is one of the highlights of the Le Mans Classic. A trip to Le Mans by future junior champions is always welcome. Children between the ages of 7 and 12 can participate in thermal or electric cars, driving miniature replicas of models from the golden era of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But beware, the mini-pilots still have to wait to find out who is the best among them: there will be no sorting, as this is not a race in any way…

Liability side… The Little Big Mans commitment includes: Entry to the parade; entry to the Junior Drivers Club, where food is served from noon on Saturday; entrance to the hospitality tent; “Accompanied” ticket office for training and general corps on the kart track, paddocks for 2 and 1 parking.

Air side… After the Le Mans start, given by the parade director, they go to their car parked on the fork to cover 4 km, during which they have to be careful because – security duty – they are met by gendarmerie motorcycles, military police and ACO, as well as Le Mans Classic scooters. Everyone must be equipped with a helmet, which is forbidden to forget.

Paddock side… Like the adults, the very young competitors have their own paddock to park their cars from Friday morning and can eat at the Junior Drivers Club from Saturday. However, the hospitality tent welcomes them already from Friday for entertainment with games open on the weekend under the supervision of animators.

Training side… There’s no reason why little hobby pilots can’t train. They will be able to race on the Alain Prost karting track in the circuit, provided they register there in advance.

Side dress code… For any self-respecting pilot, a suit is the ideal outfit. It has been generously offered to proudly display the colors of the Le Mans Classic in the parade before Sunday’s awards ceremony.

Tickets and Hospitality For Le Mans Classic competitions

Start on the right foot Le Mans Classic, with a wide range of ticket offers to suit everyone’s needs. Several formulas are possible: ticket General admission gives access to all public areas around the track, the village, club grounds and all entertainment venues. Besides, there is Paddock addition or Grandstand Additions. There are also reception areas for tents, caravans and motorhomes. Without forgetting the difference Packages

Introductory package… There are many options to experience this unique edition of the Le Mans Classic, which brings together the cars that make the highlights of the event! From 50 euros.

Package Henry Pescarolo… this gives you the northern entrance to the circuit with an unobstructed view of the Dunlop loop and of course the start straight! From 400 euros.

Privilege package… The package welcomes you in the heart of the countryside and as close as possible to the paddocks! A unique vibration experience. From 50 euros.

For more information, please contact the public ticket office ACO Ticket Service +33 243 40 80 00 and

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