Outsourcing fleet services: optimization or complexity?

Vehicle management and Lease agreementsadministration, management of fuel cards and electronic payment tokens claims and protocols, invoice management and insurancemanagement of administrative processes and documents of vehicles, waiting for orders car suppliesstorage and inventory of filters, wheels, pads, discs, etc. or support drivers… a. manage management professional car fleet internally, of course, it provides full control over all aspects of its operations, from acquisition to operation, including resale. Nevertheless, significant mobilization of human resources – through recruitment and employee training to the managerial profession and its developments, as well as a logistics sometimes it’s complicated to set up, especially the hardware IT tools dedicated – growingcompanies convertoutsourcing.

Many ways to optimize

we give a name outsourcing fleet or the fact that a company outsources “fleet management” to a third party fleet management car, in whole or in part. The service provider responsible for this task is called a “floater”. According to director Masera Arval Mobility Observatory and Consulting Arval France, five reasons to outsource fleets. » First of all, we need to ask ourselves if the support capacity is outside of the areas of competenceBusiness. Then there is the matter of price. : does it make sense to integrate this financial burden internally? ? In the same spirit, we a HR topic : do I have the necessary internal resources and how do I organize internal priorities fleet management ? Fourth, it is necessary to determine the added value that these tasks performoutsourcing will create. Finally, management logic must be developed between fleeter and because the company innovates the whole process while managing it without external resources car policythe manager may overwhelm himself with the operational part »Régis pleads with Maser.

If Software to support park manager exist and are increasingly proving effective, but they are no substitute for human experience, and that is why there are so many companies now they prefer outsourcing. It really offers the benefit of a global view of many aspects of a professional car fleet but also to control it more delicately a better monitoring of cost items as the chosen service provider provides a regular ‘report’ (or reports) to anticipate any possible financial or organizational problems. In any case, this is confirmed by Expert Stéphane Chavatte, Accounting Manager of the Automotive & Mobility Business Unit. Web help. Within this specialized French companyoutsourcing Workflow that has been around since 2000 and works with builders and distributors, creating value for the customer is mandatory as well as providing him with a benchmark [étude du marché, ndlr]. » Man too technological solutions and digital interaction, which is largely what makes it successfuloutsourcing.

Representation is not self-purification

Régis Masera nevertheless warns against the risk of a outsourcing uncontrolled and beyond what it can cause by enumerating the three types of duties it covers fleet management. The first task strategic, has a medium or long-term effect and belongs to the definition car policy and integrated structure a Politics CSRbenefits in kind and other matters beyond the vehicle. » Second, tactical, it stands on fleet : how we manage compliance, controls, competitive intelligence, governance reportcontracts, invoices, etc. ? » Tasks operationfinally, to attribute car and driver assistance on a daily basis or disaster managementfragmentation »Lists the Consultant DirectorFrance. Since then, Once we have this reading grid, we can external source These actions should be prioritized but the heart of decision-making should remain internal »he concludes.

In general, “I”outsourcing doesn’t mean loss of control, we don’t free thread, we delegate, and this streamlining is not a blank check », slice Régis Masera. An opinion shared by commercial director Laurent Hauducoeur Traxall France. The company should be extremely clear on these issues. But specifically, all subjects above the order as well as car policy or enterprise mobilitywhether auto policy or mobility loanmay be accompanied. » So, the fleeter becomes a central element that negotiates with procurement teams, HR (to provide means mobility alternatives, for example) or services accountants. Thus, due to its independent position vis-à-vis other technical players, it is the privileged partner of the companyBusiness customer »Laurent Hauducoeur summarizes.

When there is a skills shortage…

Delegation fleet management It offers an advantage for the company with a fleet management companies exchange with qualified stakeholders to obtain sound advice from those involved. Communicate with suppliers, buildersof tenantsdealers and even brokersinsuranceThis provides a competitive challenge that experts can also create Savings ranging from 5 to 15 % on final invoice. Good connoisseurs of market conditions, floaters can also help the company match the best rates, which is often a source of financial benefits. A boon, especially in the context of bondscost optimization and improving current service.

to contribute to the improvement of internal knowledge in terms of fleet managementcollaboration with an external service provider also allows the structure to be proactive by learning about tools. mobility Alternatives, such as carpooling orcar sharingor take steps outside of scopeBusiness. You can find this useful experience here PS TeamIt is a company of German origin with more than 35 years of history. Specializes in outsourcing [externalisation, ndlr] for buildersWe do not operate marketplaces like renters, banks, and captives as well as online vehicle dealers vehicle park but administrative processes such as gray card, invoice, certificate managementregistration, the concierge of these documents, etc. In short, we try to be like an internal department, but outside »explains Clotilde Marianeschi, managing director of PS Team France.

Find the entire file in its entirety in L’Automobile & L’Entreprise n° 281.

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