Mystery, Zenit, Zola. What they have in common? They can spend the first weekend of your new school year.

From the French song to the zenith of Lille, a mysterious walk in the audomarois, discover a painter, a photographer or even a glassblower on the opal coast, not forgetting the magnificent staging to rediscover the work of Zola, Germinal, walks. This weekend in Nord-pas-de-Calais allows us to escape

All about:
Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon

And first of all, the eagerly awaited meeting by Audomarois

“Beautiful season” festival organized by the Tourism and Convention Bureau.

An event to experience with your family or friends. Since its creation in 2017, this festival has enlivened the Audomarois area with unique and magical moments revolving around a miracle with a red thread: light. And more precisely, things that come out of lamps and candles, most of the walks take place in the evening.

Like the nice bus offered to you on a Saturday evening. The principle is simple: you sit on the bus, close the curtains and go to an unknown destination full of fun and surprises.

Contact: Tourist Office or at

The great French artist is in the spotlight at Zenit this Thursday

If I tell you “when the music is good” it will “fly me away” again one morning…you tell me….Jean-Jacques Goldman

France’s favorite artist.

If everyone adores him, the problem is that he hasn’t performed on stage for 20 years… so if you want to dance to the rhythm of his many successes, in other words, his entire repertoire, visit Zenith de Lille. this Thursday, where the golden men will perform in an extraordinary tribute to our beloved star.

Golden men are 6 friends, fans of the singer, and they have proudly defended the titles celebrating the years 1980-2000 for several years.

The Golden Men will also be in Bethune on January 12 and Valenciennes on March 10.

A talented artist to be discovered in Mus’verre at Sars Poterie

The last weekend to discover the talent of Jérémy Maxwell Wintrebert. This 36-year-old Franco-American glassblower works this material like no other., to cook without the aid of a mold or tool, by mouth and hand, by gravity or centrifugal force, and skillfully in an oven.

A subject in which he discovered his true passion at the end of his bachelor’s degree

You can find one of his monumental works:

‘Inception: Dark Matter’, a 2.60m x 2.40m wall constellation of fifteen glass discs arranged side by side to form a circular magma, won her the 2019 Liliane Bettencourt Award for Handicraftsmanship.

Until January 8, 2023
76, rue du General-de-Gaulle
59216 Sars-Potteries
03 59 73 16 16

An exhibition related to 7c Art in Marc-en-Baroeul

Are you dreaming of the Cannes Film Festival like many movie lovers?

You have 2 weekends left to discover this photo exhibition by Italian photographer Emanuele Scorcelletti. Internationally known, working for big names in fashion.

Until January 15, With the “Icons” exhibition, he takes us behind the scenes of the festival with about twenty shots of movie stars.

He had the opportunity to roam freely in the center of the festival and take photos of the iconic stars of world cinema.

The exhibition is free and open until January 15, Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Location: Le Minorelle Gallery – 25 rue Raymond Derain

Big show this weekend at the Théâtre de la Verrière in Lille

With the creation of director Pierre Lamotte

To put you in perspective, Pierre Lamotte is the director of the Théâtre-Ecole de Marcq-en-Barœul, he is also the actor-coordinator of the Ligue d’Improvisation and has many shows, sound and light shows. .

For his new setting, he chose to focus on the masterwork of Emile Zola: Germinal.

A play where the director chooses a modern scenario between theater and cinema, alternating between video screens on stage and actors’ performances.

On the stage, 3 actors interpret the characters of Etienne, Catherine and Chaval. Other characters appear on 3 screens (2 meters high and 1 meter wide) in full interaction with the characters on stage.

The script chosen by the director to show the timelessness of Emile Zola’s work.

30 performances are planned in Nord/Pas-de-Calais and Belgium.

Head to the Opal Coast with an exhibition highlighting the seaside resort of Le Touquet

Thanks to the work of the artist Alain Godot, where Le Touquet is a real playground: the tarmac of the airport, the crowds of the bazaar, the post office, the artist never tires of sketching the seaside resort.

The exhibition at the Musée du Touquet takes a look at the artist’s 40-year career, exclusively from his first sketches at Le Touquet.

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