Montpellier: CirkVOST reinvents the circus with the show “Hurt me”.

From December 2, CirkVOST takes the residents of Montpellier to the big top. Their high-flying show “Hurt me tender” installed at the Odysseum will be discovered until January 8.

Between bodybuilding and splits, CirkVOST acrobats warm up before their evening performances. For a little over a month, circus people have settled in this space of Odysseus and are delighting the residents of Montpellier. Acrobatics that require precision and rigor are the focus of their “Hurt Me” show. Translation, “hurt me gently”, a double reading oxymoron. On the one hand, the name refers to the severity of the profession for the body, which contrasts with the love of the circus artists to be together in this very unique circus society. On the other hand, artists try to express the violence of society in the face of the universal need for tenderness.

Poetry and humor

The result is a highly acrobatic show directed by Florent Bergal. However, great creative freedom was preserved by the artists. The stage performance remains collective, improvisation, exchange with the public and the implementation of eccentric ideas of acrobats, for example, the invitation of roller skates under the marquee. Air travel to the background of rock’n’roll music takes all those under the canvas. Even guitarist Jojo stops himself for a thunderous guitar show. Between poetry and humor, the show appeals to different emotions in everyone: “The public creates its own story, sees what it wants to see in the play”says Ben, co-founder of CirkVOST. What is certain is that acrobatics and choreography prove the interdependent relationship between acrobats between laughter and emotions. Indeed, one missed jump and it’s a dizzying 10 meters into the net that awaits the acrobat. Fortunately, the artists were well rehearsed, according to Ben, “to the delight of the eye-catching public.” For two years, the troupe members used their creativity and talents to perform.

20 Circassians

In total, 20 members of the company were mobilized for the project. And not too much! 10 acrobats, three musicians, four technicians and three producers put their hands in the dough at all stages of the show. The magic of the circus is also its big tents. However, the 23-meter-high colossus requires good logistics. The company has four trucks and as many semi-trailers to transport it, as well as all the equipment inside France. When artists get their hands on it, the marquee is just as effective on the outside as it is on the inside. It was highly requested and CirkVOST even traveled to Romania for an outdoor show this summer. “Hurt Me” will be found in Montpellier until January 8. He doesn’t have any upcoming dates planned in the city. Therefore, the last chance to awaken your emotions that will not be caught by the net.


“Circus of Creation” is a promising future

Modern circus is a type of circus performance where arts come together. “Creative circus takes inspiration from other works by creating video, theater and opera. A lot of different subjects are covered,” explains Ben. The wish expressed by the city of Montpellier for several years, the ban on the transportation of wild animals in circuses was jointly accepted by the Senate and the National Assembly in 2021. Since then, acrobatic shows that have been sidelined by many circus companies have been resurrected. speed up Although CirkVOST has never used animals, it now turns to many circus troupes. They ask for advice on how to incorporate acrobatics into their acts. And still, the flying trapeze does not come from far away. The stall between two trapezes was invented by Jules Léotard in Toulouse in 1859. Arts Souths, the former circus troupe of CirkVOST’s founders, turned it into an art in its own right in the late 1990s with hour-long aerial circus shows. Therefore, emphasizing this discipline somewhere, “protect the heritage”, Ben explains. Enough to please air enthusiasts as well as animal welfare advocates.

A troop of guards

The association has been located in La Grand-Combe, Guard since 2007. The founders had already worked together. Indeed, CirkVOST was created after the disbandment of the French aerial circus troupe “Les Arts Sauts”. Five young aerialists, including Ben, have no question about stopping aerobatics. Five acrobats from Quebec, Australia, Sweden, Belgium and France decided to combine their talents by creating their own circus. Thus, CirkVOST was born as the “original version with subtitles”. Subtitled in a language that transcends all borders: readable by the eyes, the ears and above all the heart. The association moved to La Grand-Combe in Guardia. Today, three of the five founders are still babysitting.
CirkVOST is, above all, a collective whole that depends on exchange among its members for its functioning. “There is no direction, no hierarchy. It was considered the core of the circus. All around, artists are free to offer other shows that suit their wishes,” reveals Ben. Thanks to this way of thinking, circus people maintain relationships based on trust and kindness. Besides, modesty also accompanies them: the stars of the show, and they also “plant the nails of the solution”..



> The CirkVOST team has already performed twelve performances since the beginning of December. The final three shows will be on Friday and Saturday 6th and 7th January at 7.30pm and then on Sunday 8th January at 4pm for families aged 6+ to discover. The full price is 20 euros. A discounted rate of €15 is offered. Tickets for children cost 8 euros. Meeting in the Odyssey.

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