Moelami: “I like the rehearsal process as an artist because I slowly develop a unique voice and a good connection with my listeners”

Alvin Kingsley, better known as Moelami, is a young artist from Rivers State, Nigeria. The aspiring singer, rapper, songwriter and producer wants to bring Afro-beat to as many people as possible. Meet this passionate young artist who dreams of success

What is your professional experience in the field of music?

I’m a music producer in different genres like afro beats, hip-hop, rap, RnB… I’m versatile. It helps me to adapt and find a language with artists who make other types of music.
I started my career about 5 years ago. Although it was always a dream of mine, I wasn’t ready to embark on the journey towards a career in music. Now I’m glad I did. Although there are ups and downs, I am sure that success is not far away.

What is the daily life of a songwriter/producer?

A songwriter/producer’s daily life revolves around music. This is his driving force. He often writes or creates something new. “Practice makes perfect”.

You compose and produce for yourself as well as for other artists. What is it like to compose for others? Is it hard to adapt to their ideas? Is there a big difference between composing for yourself and composing for others?

Actually, it’s a bit more complicated. I have to get into their feelings and understand their message so that I can create something unique out of it. I need to understand their vibes, what kind of music they’re trying to make, like the concept of music they’re trying to present to the world. Be it love, desire, expensive life, gang life, pain or even a certain strange feeling… the topics are varied!

Do you write from other artists’ requests, or do you have songs you’ve already prepared?

I give them already prepared pieces. Then I tweak them to fit their image until they are good enough to listen to and like.

I have always been an open and idealistic artist and I am always ready to work with new sounds and new creatives all over the world.

How to make/find your way in the music industry?

For me, this is a crucial process. Not only for music writers/producers, but for all people working in this field: this is the time when one has to choose what one wants to achieve and do in this industry. Whether it’s money, fame, or to prove something specific or in general: everyone has a reason to start. It defines the music we make and the way we deliver it. It also determines the type of audience we want to reach and the message we want to convey.

How do you find job opportunities?

Whether it’s entertainment lawyers, artists, executives, A&R, music curators, managers, producers and more, I connect with like-minded creators in all aspects of the music industry. I present to them my projects and what I have seen. If the opportunity arises, we can work together to create new things or even help each other and recommend each other to other creators. I have always been an open and idealistic artist and I am always ready to work on new sounds and new artists in the world.

Do you think it is important to target the global market today rather than one country?

I think it is better to target the global market. Indeed, it helps to create great relevance in the music industry. It also gives you a chance to differentiate yourself rather than just targeting a national market.

You make/produce afrobeats songs. Who is this ?

Afrobeat is a form of popular urban music that incorporates elements of African music and jazz, soul and funk and originated in Nigeria, Africa. This style later spread to different parts of the world. Today there are also smaller genres such as afro pop, afro fusion, afro dancehall, afro soul and many more.

What are your inspirations?

My inspiration for a particular piece of music may be fictional or based on what I’m feeling at the time. I’ve never been one to be interested in something to be able to come up with a good piece of work. This is coming straight from me.

What are your musical influences?

My musical influences are mainly Afro music. Burna boy, Oxlade, Chris Brown, Fireboy, Rema are examples. I also love 6ix9ine’s music and country music.

Is there someone you would like to collaborate with?

Of course. Burna Boy and Fireboy are the main artists I want to collaborate with when it comes to Afro music. Otherwise, Jack Harlow, Usher and Drake are also artists I would like to work with.

You seem like a person of strong conviction and determination: what ideas do you believe in?

I believe I am unique. I was born to excel in everything I do. For now, it works for me. I also believe that you should never give up on your ambitions. Mine is to succeed in music.

What do you want to be?

I want to be an icon and be loved and celebrated for doing what he loves. I want to tell the world about my unique sounding music.

What does the future hold for you? An album? Other titles? Cooperation?

Last year I spent a lot of time recording many sounds. I wrote solo songs and also performed with various artists. I have collaborated with artists not only from Nigeria but also from the UK, South Africa and Ghana. They will come out as the year progresses. Of course, I keep working hard to create more amazing sounds for the world. I love the rehearsal process as an artist because I slowly develop a unique voice and a good connection with my listeners.

You can find Moelami on YouTube and Facebook

Interview by Sarah Chollet

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