Christophe Moujinot: “It took me 22 years to find my style”

“Hans”, as he was nicknamed, is not done diversifying. A big surfer, yoga teacher, surf instructor and now professional artist, the sea kid does it all. Or at least to anything remotely or remotely related to surfing.

Hi Christophe, a well-known face in the Basque Country, how would you introduce yourself to people who don’t know you?

Christophe Mougino – “Hi! How do I introduce myself? We’ll say I’m a surfer, an ex-pro surfer from the 90s, what they call semi-pro at the time. Planes to Hawaii, Mexico, everywhere. I had it. I paid for all my gear, but never I didn’t get paid. But from what I’ve been told, some professionals these days don’t get paid much anymore (laughs), they often just have a budget. All kidding aside, I’m also a psychic coach these days (Editor’s note: she works or has worked notably with Jorgann Couzinet, Justin Becret and Justine Dupont) and a qualified yoga teacher. But I have been a professional artist for 3 years now. I also had surf schools in Martinique and Tarnos. Basically, I’ve always been into surfing. I have always traveled a lot and even married a surfer, surf instructor and yoga teacher 27 years ago!

How did you develop your passion for art?

SM- I have always drawn since childhood, but my style came about 3/4 years ago. This is called pictorial writing, it was created in 2019. I was on the plane that took me to Tahiti. I remember closing my eyes and going into a meditative state while painting. I said to myself, “I have to be able to either surf or wave in one continuous line without ever lifting the pen from the paper.” I did 5 or 6 scribbles and they said there was something to scribble from. Almost ten years ago, when I stopped painting, I bought brushes. I went back to him. First in two or three strokes, then in one stroke. I had to be able to have a character, a style that could convey the essence of surfing.

What inspired you?

SM- What initially inspired me was mainly the longboard and the sobriety that comes from it. I mean, the longboarder’s posture, posture on his board… that’s what inspired me. This is neither paradoxical surfing nor big wave surfing in general. However, I have already coached the Delperos a bit, coaching Jorgann Couzinet and Justin Becret there, but also working with Justine Dupont. But what inspires me is not the shortboard, but the longboard, the position, the purity of the gesture. It was a brushstroke at first, then after I was asked for big wave surfers, then I was asked for more, so I added a board and some details. But it’s still very simple.

How are we different from others in this field?

SM- I showed my work and started getting invitations to several exhibitions. I went to two international contemporary art fairs and entered two galleries there: Galerie 1809 in Marseille and Sur les routes du Médoc in Médoc. And it’s because I have a style, like some surfers have a style, that I’ve been able to stand out a bit. Some don’t need competition to gain recognition and make a living. Donavon Frankenreiter, Dave Rastovitch and their collaborators were chosen because of their style because they have a style that is recognizable among thousands. There are guys in art who have studied Fine Arts for 5 years but can do everything and nothing at the same time. Some of these guys copy everybody, they can copy you everything, but they have no style, nothing coming out of them. This is something I recently discovered, I didn’t know this before.

How would you describe your style today?

SM- They say that I invented surf calligraphy. It’s very graphic, very elegant and like a calligrapher drawing a picture in seconds. Recently I’ve been painting a bit of a change from longboarding, I did something inspired by Maurice Cole and his bottom turn in Hossegor à la Nord. I managed to paint in 10 brush strokes. There are 10 brush strokes and Maurice Cole at the bottom. This is incredible. That’s right, I’ve been looking for this unique gesture for 22 years. I even got a little confused with my wife who sometimes told me everything I did was fine. I was into birds, women, but in a very realistic way, it’s not a style, except something that everybody does. That’s why I got angry. I even stopped painting for ten years. Then I searched and searched and I don’t know how it happened, but it came. It’s fate, I couldn’t explain it to you.

How do you paint?

SM- By instinct. They say that our brain can only repeat what it records and I have dedicated my whole life to surfing. I have been surfing for 40 years, reading all the French and English surf magazines, watching videos, teaching professionals, surfing like crazy… My whole life is surfing. After that I was able to draw, but the gift does not create creativity. Regardless of the level, style is more important. My brain was fed by 40 years of surfing and watching people surf. It has happened to me to spend hours watching people surf just because I thought it was cool. It’s nice when a guy won’t spend a lap in QS. For example, I can say that Clovis Donizetti will compete 10 times against Edouard Delpero and lose 10 times. But you can stay and watch for two hours. And even when these guys don’t do anything, something happens, there’s magic, it’s beautiful.

What are you using for gear?

SM- Mainly Indian ink, calligraphy brushes and brushes in general. Then I was amazed, I started painting with bamboo, pieces of Arabic calligraphy wood, paper, forks, and with it I reflect my gesture on a sheet or canvas..

What message are you trying to convey with your art?

SM- My love and passion for surfing. I guess art is calming, for me anyway. Drawing is a form of yoga, especially at the speed I draw. All I know is that it makes me feel good. You give love, some people find it beautiful, and for others it calms them down. Happy is sobriety.

Can you tell me a few words about the canvas we will win?

SM- This is a first! It was the first time I put my Indian ink on canvas. It’s also the first time I’m putting color on the sides. Usually, there is always a red, or white, or blue sun, but nothing else. Yes, this is a first! I did this at the end of the year.

Do you have plans for the coming months/years?

SM- I’m exhibiting for a month or two at Crazy Home real estate agency in Anglet, near Chambre d’Amour, next to the Rip Curl store. They’ve turned the buildings into an ephemeral gallery and I’m lucky enough to be there alongside a few artists. This, along with two other galleries, is one of three places where you can currently view my work. Then I’m moving to Mexico this winter. From there I will be able to do a small tour of Mexico / USA / Europe / Japan.

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