AMD puts the package on laptops

AMD introduced a new generation of Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics chips for 2023 Notebooks. Attention to detail.

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Intel presented its 13th generation processors for laptops at CES 2023. Nvidia presented its GeForce RTX 4000 there. With two hats, AMD presented its answer at the same exhibition. Still focused on laptops, the firm is introducing both new processors and new graphics chips.

AMD Ryzen 7045HX chips compete with Intel

On the processor side, we now find the Ryzen 7045HX range, based on AMD Zen 4 and designed for the most efficient laptops. Etched by TSMC at 5nm, the chips in the range will be able to integrate up to 16. hearts and will support 32 threads and DDR5 memory.

Recall that Intel introduced a mobile chip equipped with 24 heartsbut only consists of 8 hearts high performance and 16 hearts low consumption. Numbers aren’t everything.

Model Hearts/Themes Base/Boost Frequency Hidden PDT
Ryzen 5 7645HX 6/12 4.0/5.0 GHz 38 MB 45-75W+
Ryzen 7 7745HX 8/16 3.6/5.1GHz 40 MB 45-75W+
Ryzen 9 7845HX 12/24 3.0/5.2 GHz 76 MB 45-75W+
Ryzen 9 7945HX 16/32 2.5/5.4GHz 80 MB 55-75W+

According to AMD, the best chip of the lot, the AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX, should offer 18% more performance per thread and 78% more performance. multinationalcompared to the previous generation Ryzen 6900HX.

The first laptops equipped with these chips will arrive in February 2023 from Asus, Alienware, Lenovo and MSI.

AI for Ryzen 7040 processors

The Ryzen 7040 chips now include silicon dedicated to artificial intelligence, which AMD says should allow it to surpass the performance of the Apple M2. Microsoft is heavily pushing AI-powered applications like real-time image processing for the webcam, and it’s only natural to see AMD and Intel optimize the performance of their chips for those uses.

Ryzen 7040 HS: processors for high-performance ultraportables

Competing with the P-series Intel processors, AMD offers the HS range. These are processors designed for ultraportables that focus not on elegance, but on the balance between autonomy and performance.

Model Hearts/Themes Base/Boost Frequency Hidden PDT
Ryzen 5 7640HS 6/12 4.3/5.0GHz 38 MB 35-45W
Ryzen 7 7840HS 8/16 3.8/5.1 GHz 40 MB 35-45W
Ryzen 9 7940HS 8/16 4.0/5.2 GHz 40 MB 35-45W

These processors will combine up to 8 Zen 4 cores and RDNA 3 graphics chips at 4 nm. Here, AMD promises up to 34% more performance multinational Up to 21% more performance in video games compared to MacBook Pro M1 Pro and 12th generation Intel.

The first laptops equipped with these chips will arrive in March 2023.

Ultraportable chips don’t upgrade to Zen 4

AMD is also announcing new U-series chips aimed at the thinnest ultraportables and consuming the least power possible. Surprisingly, despite the name change, this range does not carry over to the new architecture.

Model Architecture Hearts/Themes Base/Boost Frequency Hidden PDT
Ryzen 3 7330U Zen 3 6 / 12 2.3/4.3 GHz 10MB 15W
Ryzen5 7530U Zen 3 6 / 12 2.0/4.5 GHz 19 MB 15W
Ryzen7 7730U Zen 3 8 / 16 2.0/4.5 GHz 20 MB 15W
Ryzen 3 7335U Zen 3+ 4 / 8 3.0/4.3GHz 10MB 15-28W
Ryzen5 7535U Zen 3+ 6 / 12 2.9/4.55GHz 19 MB 15-28W
Ryzen7 7735U Zen 3+ 8 / 16 2.7/4.75GHz 20 MB 15-28W
Ryzen 5 7535HS Zen 3+ 6 / 12 3.3/4.55GHz 19 MB 35W
Ryzen 7 7735HS Zen 3+ 8 / 16 3.2/4.75 GHz 20 MB 35W

In other words, a Ryzen 7 7730U, despite belonging to the 7000 series, is still based on the Zen 3 architecture that powers the Ryzen 6000s.

Radeon RX 7000M: concentration of technologies

The brand produces both processors and graphics chips. During its conference, it introduced the Radeon RX 7000M range, based on the new RDNA 3 architecture. The goal is to properly handle modern games with the best possible performance at 1080p. AMD is announcing a 26% performance increase over the previous generation.

Among the new features, we can mention the arrival of AV1 encoding for PCs designed for creators and DisplayPort 2.1 support for external displays or VR.

A number of great promises that we can look forward to testing with future notebooks now signed by AMD partners.

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