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2022 is already over, here is an opportunity to make it count. As you know if you follow us regularly, we especially love iPhone and iPad games. But first, we’d like to guide you to the coolest video game gems on the App Store. That’s why we bring you the best new releases every week. A full summary of these options published in 2022 can be found here.

That’s why we periodically publish a larger selection of games, sometimes themed, especially see:

We also have more ‘temporary’ options including:

This first week of 2023 is an opportunity to compile a list of the best games released in 2022.

This is the first part of a preview of the 2022 games. We’ll wrap it up with part 2 and then part 3 during January.


Diablo Immortal

We can’t talk about 2022 and iPhone games without mentioning Diablo Immortal. It probably is This year’s biggest iPhone release, from Activision Blizzard. You’ll find the classic mechanics of the Diablo games, all adapted for touchscreens and modernized with especially great graphics. The game is complete with the option to play solo or complete tasks in multiplayer mode. Also, the replayability is very good: you can rediscover the adventure with each class, each of them has its own combat system and its own skill tree. In addition, the title is free … So go, at least try it!

Soccer Manager 2023 Mobile

here another classic, Football Manager. On iPhone, you can play the 2023 Mobile version, which simplifies certain parts of the game for a less simulation style than the Touch version available on iPad and Apple Arcade.

Well, if you don’t know Football Manager at all, in a few words: it’s a game where you have to fight with yourself not to forget real life. Or to train a football team and lead it to success in the style of Didier Deschamps. Maybe both at the same time? We let you be the judge.

Apex Legends

2022 saw the title reach the iPhone and iPad, having previously been available on consoles. This is a first-person shooter game with multiplayer in Battle Royale mode. Its peculiarity is this: you have to survive not alone, but as a team. There are many heroes to embody, each with their own abilities. If you haven’t had a taste of Apex Legends yet, frankly, it’s excellent vintage in its own kind.

miracle snap

Card games are always popular on iPhone and iPad, especially when they use a well-developed and very specific universe. Publisher Nuverse got it right by releasing Marvel Snap in 2022, a card game set in the universe of Marvel heroes. It’s up to you to build the best deck of 12 cards, each representing a character from the comic book world, to win the short and always fun games. We especially like our character easy to access Marvel Snap and of course marvel license This game is particularly well served and vice versa.

Our favorites

Documents, please

Papers, Please was originally released on PC in 2013. Only since 2022 we can play it on iPhone and iPad, and not without some happiness! Even if the atmosphere of the game doesn’t really invite you to smile… Because you play as an immigration officer working at a border post. The task is quite simple on paper: you need to control all the people who want to enter Arstotzka, a fictional country that used to be at war with its neighbor. Documents, Please a a real beautiful gemone of a kind, but above all very well done and therefore very attractive.

evil dungeons

A roguelike game with turn-based combat released in 2019 on PC and 2020 on consoles. From 2022, it is also available on iPhone and iPad. Try in each of its levels to go as far as possible and beat the final boss. Your successes will develop your character and unlock new rules. We especially appreciate strange atmosphere reigning in the gameplus very addictive.


In a post-apocalyptic world, try to survive in the face of all the difficulties you encounter: lack of materials, hostile monsters, hunger, thirst, injuries, etc.

That is the achievement especially neat and the overall quality of the title is commendable. Dysmantle’s 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the App Store doesn’t contradict our…

Apple Arcade

Horizon Chase 2

Nice arcade racing game. Drive great cars, win many challenges and unlock new content that will fool many in this title. He had a good sense of the style of the 90s.

Air Twister

Third-person shooter with auto-advance. The mechanics are classic. The title mostly shines with its visual style, excellent soundtrack and addictive nature supported by some demand.

Frogger and Rumbling Ruins

Be warned, as cute as this game is, getting ahead in this game with the Indiana Jones fan frog is no walk in the park. The platforms are full of obstacles and traps. It’s up to you to show good reflexes and above all patience to get the frog to its destination. With his numbersmany qualities and his web-fingered hero, this game can be especially popular among young players.

See you next week for the rest of the best games of 2022. In the meantime, feel free to let us know what your favorite mobile game is coming out in 2022. – The official application of

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