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New innovations give consumers more ways to save energy and therefore reduce costs and their carbon footprint

Samsung heralds a new era of more sustainable living. With services like SmartThings Energy that provide energy efficiency in homes, everyone can save both energy and money with Samsung devices. Samsung’s new technologies, such as a new washing cycle and filter that significantly reduce microplastic emissions from washing machines, make it easier for consumers to reduce their environmental impact.

“The technologies we’re showcasing at CES 2023 put sustainability at the heart of the user experience. said Moohyung Lee, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Devices business and head of the R&D group. Our goal is to be an energy efficient consumer electronics brand. Our latest products and collaborations will therefore help more people live more sustainable lives. »

SmartThings helps maximize energy savings
With nearly 250 million users and more than 10.5 million connected home devices, Samsung’s SmartThings platform continues to grow. This allows more users to reduce their carbon footprint in their homes.

SmartThings Energy’s “AI Energy Mode” software is powerful, supports multiple devices and regions, and provides even greater energy savings. Samsung has measured the savings that can be realized by using a special artificial intelligence energy saving mode in refrigerators and air conditioners compared to using it without this mode.

The industry’s first SHEMS (Smart Home Energy Management Systems) certification
Thanks to Samsung’s efforts to enrich and develop SmartThings Energy, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded it SHEMS (Smart Home Energy Management Systems) certification. The certificate is awarded to smart home devices and services that provide information on the energy consumption of connected devices. This promotes energy and cost savings and facilitates load reduction on the power grid.

The EPA also awarded 474 ENERGY STAR® certifications to key Samsung appliance models in 2022, including 49 “Most Efficient” designations. For more than a decade, Samsung has been a leader in ENERGY STAR awards and has won the prestigious ENERGY STAR Corporate Commitment Award.

Making carbon neutral homes a reality by providing households with better energy efficiency
Samsung is introducing the next phase of its Net Zero Home initiative with the Smart City project to enable more people to be energy independent at home. The Smart City Project, a partnership with Siemens, is creating a sustainable housing community in Sterling Ranch, Colorado. This will allow to build 12,000 apartments for about 30,000 residents.

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As such, SmartThings Energy serves as the community’s primary energy platform, and Samsung devices provide residents with real-time information on energy, water, and natural gas usage. Community-wide solar panels and home batteries store energy, while energy-saving appliances reduce electricity consumption and control water consumption. Samsung technologies combined with security and smart city solutions from Siemens and Resideo will make it easier for Sterling Ranch residents to enjoy an emission-free lifestyle.

The collaboration between Samsung and Resideo (a home automation solutions company) goes beyond the Smart City project. Samsung is also working with Resideo to integrate its devices with the company’s smart grid solutions through energy-saving programs in California and Texas. This collaboration enables more communities to be smart grid ready, optimizing demand response to scale up the savings realized by SmartThings Energy. Thus, Samsung is laying the groundwork to make Net Zero homes and communities a reality.

Direct fight against microplastics with “Az Microfiber” technology
While it is important to reduce the impact of equipment and homes, there are other immediate environmental threats that must be addressed. That’s why Samsung and outdoor brand Patagonia have been fighting the release of microplastics from washing clothes that pollute oceans and other waters for more than a year.

Samsung’s new Less Microfiber washing program is the result of this collaboration. A breakthrough in the fight against microplastics, Az Microfiber helps reduce microplastic emissions during the wash cycle. This program is already available on select models in Europe and will soon be available on washing machines in the US and Korea.

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Like the Less Microfiber program, a new washing machine filter developed by Samsung and Patagonia can have a real impact on the health of aquatic ecosystems. This external filter reduces the emission of microplastics during the washing cycle and prevents them from being discharged into the ocean. The filter will be available for selected washing machines in Europe from the second half of 2023.

Through close partnerships, technological advancements and a commitment to being the world’s most energy-efficient consumer electronics brand, Samsung aims to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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