Samsung dazzles with its foldable and extendable screen!

Samsung introduces the Flex Hybrid, an ultra-compact device with a foldable and extendable display. Placed, it gives a diagonal of 12.4 inches. But why?

After introducing an expandable display at an event in September IntelIntel Innovation 2022 benefits CES at Samsung Las vegasvegas Introducing the Flex Hybrid. This prototype adds this extra expandability to the foldable feature of the display. The diminutive device first opens in two parts like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 to reveal a 10.5-inch diagonal display with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

To get a 16:10 aspect ratio, we enlarge this diagonal by dragging it to the right to 12.4 inches. So, when we fold it, it is practically equivalent to a large tablet that can be stored in a jacket pocket. One can imagine that this format could make possible the design of an ultraportable computer that could be scaled up more or less according to the constraints or needs of the moment. But in this case, the issue of a possible keyboard remains to be resolved. physicalphysical so that it does not come to reduce the surface of the screen.

Origami on Samsung

The builder could also have intended to create smart phonesmart phone It can be transformed into a tablet with a large surface like the iPad Pro. With the arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip line of foldable smartphones, if the technology allows for these screen extensions, it’s hard to know if it really lives up to public expectations and what ideal shape it should maintain. order to use it.

Again, Samsung deletes plastersplasters through experience. The Korean is also presenting two versions of its expandable display, which was already introduced in September, at its booth. So on the left side we find the Flex Slidable Solo that expands (see article below). Another version, the Flex Slidable Duet, expands the screen from 13 to 17.3 inches diagonally on both sides.

Samsung’s Flex Slidable Duet display bends and stretches. © Samsung Display

Samsung has introduced the first laptop with an expandable screen

At this year’s Intel Innovation event, Intel and Samsung showed off an expandable display. It can reach a diagonal of 17 inches. In the future, such innovations may well be invited to portable personal computers to expand screen capacity while reducing size for portability.

Article published by Sylvain Biget on September 22, 2022

A zoomable screen that stretches when you pull it to the side is what Intel and Samsung unveiled at the Intel Innovation 2022 event. The 17-inch scrolling screen prototype was presented by Joo-Sun Choi. Samsung’s display division. By pulling the edges of the screen, the frame of the left part slides and unfolds the rest of the screen to get an extended diagonal of up to 17 inches. A way to think big in usability while reducing screen size for storage and portability. According to the two partners, this screen prototype may foreshadow what future laptops will look like. However, they have been stingy when it comes to specs, as everything we know about this display is based on this visual display alone. We can imagine that the screen is rolled up and unfolded in the frame.

Apart from the demonstration at the Intel Innovation 2022 event, we don’t know much about this extendable display that can be extended up to 17 inches. © Intel, Twitter

No technical specifications were found

If Intel has teamed up with Samsung in this adventure, it is the Korean responsible for developing the roll-up display for this prototype. It must be said that he is far from a novice issueissue folding or extending screen. Samsung has been releasing its foldable display smartphones for a few years in the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip ranges, and we’re now a long way from a prototype. Every year folding systems are improved and the price gradually decreases. When it comes to roll-up screens, the Korean is not the only one to introduce this kind of innovation. We remember LG with the LG Rollable smartphone, admittedly smaller in size. Now, it remains to be seen whether such a model can really invite itselfuniverseuniverse PC and especially at what price.

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