Room 317: “First and foremost, it’s the story of a friendship that spans several years”

Today we present to you the Chambre 317 group, which is both colorful and charming, taking us into its universe full of tranquility. They agreed to answer our questions, reveal to us the behind-the-scenes of their inspiration, and even their creative process.

Who are you ?

We are Lysian and Antoine and we create Chambre 317, a Rouen duo starting in 2019.
Lysian is on vocals and mostly writes the lyrics, Antoine more
in the composition of pieces.
We released several singles and our first EP night owl in 2021. Clip of our latest single Station 70 Available on Youtube.

What inspired you to be a part of the music industry?

Lysian language: I wanted to be in a band after seeing a Supertramp concert in college. So my father’s passion for music became mine.

Anthony: I’ve been listening to music since I was little and have always wanted to be in a band, even going back to elementary school! I’ve always been fascinated by the music industry, whether it’s the artists/bands or the people behind the scenes to help make projects happen.

How did you learn to sing/write and act?

Lysian language: I taught myself to play guitar, sing and write songs through the projects I developed.

Anthony: I studied piano for several years at a music school in Saint-Léger-du-Bourg-Denis, where I spent my entire childhood. I loved improvising on the piano very quickly, which allowed me to create looks that were already pieces when I was very young. After that, I learned to compose music on the computer to prepare our songs and record our demos.

How did you meet each other?

The two of us had known each other since kindergarten and kept in touch throughout
Although Lisian went to another school in elementary school, he attended our school.
We actually found each other there from high school, we wanted to make a first
group up and start the adventure. So, in conclusion, this project is above all a story of friendship that has been going on for several years.

What is the story behind your band name?

In the end, the story is very simple and yet it took us a few months to come up with this name, simply because we are in shared accommodation and our building number is 317. We wanted to create that too. little side reference shining especially with
237 number in the movie. The name also gives a little mysterious side, we want
Find out what is hidden behind the door of room 317!

How would you describe your music?

Magical pop with many shades of rock, jazz, soul, new wave. we
above all, it tries to convey the atmosphere we are in while writing
our pieces. It’s often too visual for us. We already have to imagine a clip
when we compose music and project it into an image, even if most of the time the clip remains only in our heads. We want to unleash the imagination of the people who listen to us.

© @Laetitia Henry

If you could collaborate with any musician or band in the world, who would it be?

Lysian language: For my part, I would say Flore Bengui, Laurent Voulze, Etienne Daho and even Philippe Caterin. There are so many artists that influence and admire me that this is a very difficult question (ahah).

Anthony: A dream collaboration for me would be with Michael Jackson the creative genius and Quincy Jones behind the production to make it all happen! Unfortunately it’s too late for one of them… Quincy If you see this message please don’t hesitate to contact me!

What is your source of inspiration?

We actually draw inspiration from a lot of different things and our sources vary a lot depending on the song. during My body always For our last single, we wanted to create a French tango atmosphere with a bit of influence from the Gotan Project, for example Station 70 once there he mixes Santana and Gainsbourg. It is important for us to create a single universe using many different things and above all to be like us.

Who is the musician you admire the most?

Lysian language: Sir Paul McCartney, because I grew up with the Beatles and everything he wrote after that.

Anthony: There are so many… But here I would say Herbie Hancock! For all his work and everything he has brought to music for several generations, he always knows how to reinvent himself over time.

Do you make music for yourself or for your fans?

Before you can please an audience, you must already love the music you create for yourself. Of
anyway if you don’t like what you’re doing with music shows after the live stream and
it doesn’t make people want to hang anymore. All are assumed to be
Music created today can have its own audience, especially given the diversity of the industry
music these days. So creating music for your fans is especially important when you are an accomplished artist who has his own audience and expectations of what the artist has to offer throughout his career. At the moment, we create music for ourselves first and foremost and try to introduce our universe to as many people as possible.

Do you prefer to write or listen to music?

Anthony: For me, it depends a little on the season. There will be times when I’m super inspired for a few weeks and it’s a little harder to find inspiration. And it is during these moments that I will listen to something new or try to explore new genres of music. I still prefer writing, or at least composing, it gives me the most escape.

Lysian language: It’s a bit like Antoine, I’ll have moments where inspiration is so present that I’d rather create than listen. But I need to be in my bubble to discover new songs, to experience emotions that I can later re-transmit in our songs.

What’s your news for the coming months?

We are currently working on the release of a new EP. Most of the songs are already well developed, we hope to release this in the spring if all goes well. We took a slightly different artistic direction from the previous EP, trying to bring a little touch
80s dances while maintaining our visual and musical identity. We are currently working on the first big music video, it should be out soon!

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Interview by Jade Schreiner

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