Peugeot e-208 is the leader in electric car sales

AAA Data has just published figures on electric vehicle registrations for all of 2022. The new car market is down 8% over the twelve months, in a year that has seen an overall downward trend. With a total of 1.529 million new car registrations, last year was the lowest volume since 1974. Despite this crisis, electric vehicles are doing well. Thus, EV registrations are up 25% for the whole year. At the same time, the average of diesel cars decreased by 32%. A total of 203,121 electric vehicles were registered in 2022, representing a record market share of 13.3 percent. In December, the market share of electric cars even reached 16%.

19,222 registrations for Peugeot e-208

Registration 2022

With 19,222 registrations, the Peugeot e-208 leads the list of electric car sales in the French market. Already in the lead at the halfway point, he was able to maintain his lead until the end of the year. Thus, it succeeds the Renault Zoe, which barely maintains its lead in 2021. The popularity of utility vehicles allowed it to weather the storm of the year for the Tesla Model 3. Despite the strong growth in electric vehicle registrations, the performance of the Peugeot e-208 does not reach an all-time high. Indeed, last year the Renault Zoé topped the list with 25,700 units. With 24,911 copies, the Tesla Model 3 also far surpassed the e-208’s 2022 performance. This reflects a greater spread of sales across the growing supply of electric vehicles.

Dacia Spring is almost at its peak

During 2022, Dacia Spring continued its merry way with 18,326 registrations. Thus, it takes the second place in the sales ranking of electric cars with less than 1000 copies from the first place. It even comes first with individuals and has opened new horizons for Dacia. Indeed, 7 out of 10 buyers were not previously customers of the brand. Dacia Spring owes its success to its low-cost positioning, priced below that of its direct competitors. It is a good answer for those looking for a small electric city car mainly for city driving. Electric city cars have the wind in their sails in 2022.c and 6c Standings for Fiat 500 (15,163) and Renault Twingo (12,655).

The Tesla Model 3 is being pulled back

The Tesla Model 3 didn’t live up to expectations for a great finish to 2022. Although it ranked first in 2021 (excluding electric utilities), it only ranks third in the 2022 ranking. There are frequent deliveries with Tesla experienced very strong changes depending on the month. The Model 3 finally ends the year with 17,005 units sold in the French market. In 2021, it took full advantage of a steep drop in the price of its entry-level model. A backlash in 2022, when the price of its different versions was backfired by a significant revaluation. In addition, the Model 3 also suffered from the arrival of the highly successful Model Y. It actually enters the top 10 registrations of 2022, where it ranks eighth with 11,892 copies.

Renault Megane E-Tech is waiting for better at the foot of the podium

If the Tesla Model Y successfully entered the market in 2022, what about the Renault Megane E-Tech. Although the first copies reached dealers only in May, it ended the year at the foot of the podium. 15,580 copies have already been registered in seven months. At this rate, it should logically take the first place in the ratings in the coming months. Thus, Renault will regain the leadership of electric cars, which it has been doing for a long time with Zoe. Paradoxically, the Zoe appears to be the first casualty of the Megane’s success. Potential customers quite logically turn away in favor of a new generation, more technologically advanced model. Thus, in 2022, Zoe takes only seventh place in the ranking with 12,182 registrations. Long a driving force behind the electrification of the French car fleet, the end of his career is now on the horizon.

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