Music, theatre, comics: our picks for outings at the Tarn this week

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Every week La Dépêche du Midi brings you a selection of unmissable walks and shows for the Tarn. Concerts, exhibitions, festivals… Good plans to consume without measuring.

“All the Seas of the World,” a funky rocker’s Tarn passage

A real show based on rock’n’roll and good humor. This is what awaits us this week with the “All the Seas of the World” concert, which will stop in Tecou, ​​​​Puygouzon, Carmaux, Saint-Juéry and Lautrec. A tour along the Tarn that will end on January 14. With this creation, artist Alexis Delmastro returns with a new work in his solo group and image.

Summary music, songs with finely crafted lyrics, revised rock’n’roll and a perfect sense of irony: “All the seas of the world” do not hesitate to make us grab a bladder for a flashlight. With his talent, he takes us to places we never expected. Are we really going to a concert?

Information: Albi-Tarn National Stage – 05 63 38 55 56

Rabastens. Theater: “Sustainable development? And will it last long? »

On Friday 6 January, the Halle in Rabastens hosts a light comedy that makes us think about the world. Because the best way to approach a broad topic is to start with a laugh, “Sustainable development? And will it last long? he talks to us about ecology with a smile on his face.

On stage, with the troupe of the Comedies Pyrenees association, everyone takes it for their rank. Between those who want to set sustainable development in motion, but are absurdly and forcefully against it because they don’t want to change their habits, and those who simply disagree for no reason: maybe it’s time to realize that we’re all in the same boat.

Info: Saint-Michel – Rabastens on January 6 at 20:30 in Halle 2

Villefranche-d’Albigeois. Discover the Middle Ages through comics

At the beginning of the year, the Jean Jaurès Media Library in Villefranche-d’Albigeois offers a fun event to discover history in a different way. The comic strip exhibition “The Middle Ages, Tarn a Whole Story” takes us right into the heart of medieval Tarn life.

Funny and original paintings for all generations, strange dialogues and references will cover the main stages of the Middle Ages in France and especially in the department. All were accompanied by comments from Ratson, the mascot of the Department Archives.

The exhibition is free to enter during the working hours of the media library, as well as on Sundays from 14:00 to 18:00. It will end on January 25.

Information: 13 avenue de Mouzieys – Villefranche-d’Albigeois – 05 63 55 26 62

Dance to “Inventory” on Albin’s National Stage

Founded by Josette Baiz, the duo has encountered all horizons and all dance techniques.

The “Inventory” show, which was welcomed on the stage of the Boluky Theater on January 6, reflects the great choreographic writings celebrating the last 30 years. A boy and a girl take this journey through the history of modern dance, combining dance and dialogue. With humor and virtuosity, two dancers recount their journeys and revisit key pieces of the international choreographic repertoire.

From sketches to sketches, they shake us to the rhythm of fast, plural and grounded modern dance. A journey to discover world dances aimed at all audiences.

Information: January 6 at 19:30 in Albi – 05 63 38 55 56

Mathieu Sempere gave a concert at the Alban Church

Last year, Mathieu Sempere gave a Christmas concert in Alba.  It was a great success.

Last year, Mathieu Sempere gave a Christmas concert in Alba. It was a great success.

Mathieu Sempere, a tenor with a powerful voice, known as a member of the famous “Stentors” group, will give a concert in the Notre Dame Cathedral on Saturday, January 7. Such a unique meeting because he will be performing with Gypsy musicians. At the meeting of lyrical voice and gypsy music, the selected repertoire covers the basics of Spanish, French and gypsy song.

From Besame Mucho through Bamboleio and Jobi Joba to Historia de un Amor, we are treated to a great show of energy.

Information: January 7 at 20:30, Place de l’église – Alban; Tickets at the usual points of sale or at the town hall – 05 63 55 82 09

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