Music: The 8 Most Anticipated Albums of 2023

L2022 was not the best vintage. As for the superstars, we were disappointed by Taylor Swift’s tale of sleepless nights, Mylène Farmer’s gloriously voluptuous techno turn, Björk’s complex forest cuisine, Versailles Phoenix Quartet’s overall slightly dull work… Only Stromae. gave us a monumental (musical) slap with his courage The majority and Renaissance (yes, Queen B, the pop planet bows down, you haven’t lost your zest or your ability to make us dance).

There is no question of discrimination on the part of young shoots, but we have to admit: all the new voices that stand out in the last twelve months are female. Little English girls from Wet Leg wowed us with their self-titled debut rock album (so sexy!), sweet November Ultra made our hearts feel better, Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul made us want to rock. It was good. But the list is short. So will 2023 catch up? Come on, turn up the volume (or put on your headphones if you’re back in the office), here are our top eight.

Iggy Pop: rock’n’roll is not dead

Genre: punk rock

Power: experience

The year started strong with the release of Iguana’s very rock’n’roll twentieth album. At 75 years old, the Michigan native still has that “thirst for life”… Surrounded by the cream of rock musicians: Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses), Travis Barker (Blink) -182 ), Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), the late Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Eric Avery and Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction) and Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers)… The only survivors of the genre! But these 1980s punk granddads (well, they’re not that old, but we live fast and die young in rock music) prove to us that they’re not gathering dust.

Every Loser (Released January 6 via Gold Tooth Records / Atlantic Records)

Mthere isneskin: rital guitar

Genre: glam rock

Strong point: Scandal

Formed in Rome in 2016, the Italian quartet made headlines by winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest and engaging in some illegal activity in public (how long is that ceremony!), or scratching their noses on a table – we’ll never know. the truth They were also accused of plagiarism… However, their energy on stage, the efficiency of their melodies, the precise and fast delivery of the singer, and their seventy years of age, nevertheless conquered the world, a first for an Italian rock band. Holy shit: they even provided the opening act for the Rolling Stones. Angelina Jolie and her daughter are fans. Their new album was produced by hit machine Max Martin in Los Angeles. Mama mia! He promises.

Hurry! (Released on RCA January 20). Concert at “Zénith de Paris” on March 13.

Kerala Dust Trip

Gender: psychedelic krautrock

Strong point: The European Union is a strength

Based between Berlin and Zurich, the London trio created a deeply European album with Central European influences and electronic music, recorded over two weeks in a studio in the Swiss Alps. Of rare melancholic beauty, beautifully arranged, this second album beats like a heart in slow motion and lifts us up with bluesy guitars and hazy synths. Listening in the sparkling bath.

Purple Driver (Released February 17 on Play It Again Sam). In concert at Trabendo in Paris on March 18, 2023.

Gorillaz house breaking

Gender: cannot be classified

Strong point: innovation

Our beloved big monkeys come out of the jungle again and give us ten mind-blowing funk-electro-soul-hip-hop-funk-pop tracks… Gorillaz, the most successful virtual band in the world (even in the Guinness Book of Records) 17.3 million sold released his eighth studio album with as always high-flying collaborators (Thundercat, Tame Impala, Bad Bunny, Beck…) thanks to his album. According to Noodle, one of four cartoon gorillas born 25 years ago in Notting Hill to hyperactive Blur singer Damon Albarn’s roommate with Tank Girl designer Jamie Hewlett, the work is “the voice”. change and the chorus of the collective’. Their latest single “Skinny Ape” was the focus of a bare-bones immersive live performance in collaboration with Google Labs (Dec. 17 at New York’s Times Square and Dec. 18 at London’s Piccadilly Circus). as virtual giants.

Cracker Island (omitted 24 February Parlophone / WEA)

Kalika’s boiling album

Gender: pop

Strong point: sex

He sings about desire, the body, sensuality, sex. With Eurodance synths, club beats and provocative lyrics, Kalika (another name for Kali, the Hindu goddess of protection, transformation and destruction) is a bomb about to explode on the planet scene. French. 23 years old, former candidate New star Another sharp-eyed woman who doesn’t shy away from playing with gender codes and eroticizing masculinity has signed a duet with the hot Les Glaçons with Yelle. He is due to release his first album in March and will perform at La Boule Noire on June 16, 2023.

Take a ride with Lana Del Rey

Gender: atmospheric pop

Accent: California glamour

The legendary author and translator of “Video Games”, the girl with long eyelashes beaten in a sad gender gaze, releases the ninth album produced by Jack Antonoff, with promising features such as Jon Batiste, Father John Misty or Tommy Genesis. At 37, the prolific Lana Del Rey is establishing herself as one of the great American voices.

Did you know there is a tunnel under Ocean Blvd. (Released March 10 by Polydor)

Zaho de Sagazan makes us dance

Gender: french pop

Strength: originality

We discovered him at Bars en Trance in 2021, where he scoured the music world in search of new blood. Zaho de Sagazan is a singer-songwriter from Saint-Nazaire who screams magical siren tunes to techno compositions by his high school friend Tom Geffray. Her serious calling to dance has impressed Hervé, who has already invited her to open for his concerts. But he only released three songs! At 23 years old, this diamond in the rough has yet to be cut, but promises to shine bright.

Is MC Solaar grabbing the mic?

Gender: rep

Strong point: verb

After suddenly finding themselves back at the top of the charts by reissuing their first four iconic albums, He who sows the wind will reap the pace (1991), battle of prose (1994), Heavenly (1997) and MC Sun (1998), Claude MC returned to the studio after almost twenty years of absence due to a disagreement with Universal. At 53, he is recording new songs that he hopes to release in 2022, six years after his success. Geopolitics, certified platinum. But we’re still waiting… In the meantime, he gave a series of concerts at the Philharmonie in Paris, in several cities in France, Belgium and Montreal, surrounded by the New Big Band Project, revisiting his biggest hits – with success – . Will it prove not to be “old”?

And also… M83, Flavien Berger and Metallica will be the swallows of this summer. We’re still awaiting details on the new opus from The National and Étienne Daho. Not to mention Rihanna, the star of this year’s Super Bowl, who is waiting for her R9For years.

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