MO-CA, the artist who illuminated the Place Billard in Chartres

There are only a few days left before the illumination of the city’s monuments. Every evening from April 30, 2022 and until the following January 14, around twenty buildings in the capital of Aurelia will light up. Several artists participated in the creation of the scenarios for this new edition of Chartres en lumière, projected among others on the facade of the Hotel Montescot, the Grenuiler laundromat, the Saint-Père bridge or the Apostrophe media library. Among them local illustrator: MO-CA. The work of a 35-year-old young woman appears in Billard Square.

Morgane Gauthier, her real name, but had no idea her illustration would one day be projected downtown. The story of this painting, now known to many people in Chartres, begins in 2020 during his imprisonment. He decides to sketch Chartres, representing various monuments of the city, such as the church, the listed facade of the cinema, the billiard hall. , the obelisk of the place Marceau or the hut of the butte des Charbonniers. “A friend of mine told me don’t broadcast it, we’re going to do something interesting with it,” the 30-year-old said. Funded by the Ulule campaign, the Chartres by MO-CA collection was born.

The man who grew up in Saint-Piat gives up his illustration in various media: stationery, shirts, bags, kits… “It was a huge success. I knew I would have local customers because the Chartrains love their city, but it exceeded my expectations. It’s really great because I drew this painting without any expectations at the beginning,” assures Morgan.

Three years later, the design is still popular

His friend then suggested the illustration to the city hall. His opinion? Its use as part of the Chartres en lumière event. After some time, MO-CA learns that the municipality is interested in its work. His painting will finally be shown for the first time in December 2020, at Billard. “I was there for the adjustments and the first forecast. I was amazed, recalls the young woman. It does something to me when I see people taking pictures and kids running over them! »

Almost three years after its release, Morgane’s illustrations are still popular. This sometimes surprises the artist, who presents himself as shy and sometimes lacking in self-confidence. “This collection gave me wings because I did not expect so much success. This is the best thing about a pop-up Christmas shop. There is a bit of fame that comes with it. It’s destabilizing because that’s not what I took this picture for! »

While some have advised him to paint other cities such as Annecy or Roubaix, Chartraine does not feel “legitimate to represent them” and wants to focus on his own projects. After creating illustrations for a publishing house in Quebec, he returned to Chartres, where he began with exhibitions, then led workshops with the creators of the collective Funny, and began to engage in etching on the eraser to make stamps and create various objects. “I had to find something to do with artisanal reproduction. It started to sustain me from my activity,” he says.

Tattoo studio

Today, Morgane responds to orders from individuals, for example, for family portraits or personalized cards. She also does embroidery. “I try a lot of things and see what works,” he explains.

In May 2022, his career took a new turn when he opened his own tattoo studio. A project that has been in his mind for a long time and became a reality after months of training and mandatory hygiene training. “This is a new relationship with people and painting in the continuity of my art. “I’ve been drawing on paper forever, and now I’m drawing bodies forever.” In addition, MO-CA wants to dedicate the next few months to this new activity.

And Morgane has signed on for the third season of Chartres en lumière. His urban illustrations will therefore be highlighted once again at Place Billard from April 15, 2023 to January 14, 2024.

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