Metz Handball with heart against Paris 92

This Wednesday, Metz Handball played their first match of the year against Paris 92. Messines won 30-29. and take the lead in the championship.

As New Year’s Eve rolls around, Metz Handball’s menu is plentiful as it resumes. A difficult January awaits Emmanuel’s team in 2022, which ended with a victory in Zagreb. Mayonnaise. However, unlike at the beginning of the season, he has the advantage of being able to play most of the matches at home. However, it’s a crazy race for the Dragons. The starting point of this marathon? Yacine Paris 92 MasaudiAmbitious team that wants to be an outsider every season.

Facing this type of team, toughness was required to hold off their rivals, regaining first place lost after Bourg de Péage’s withdrawal. As for Les Ile-de-France (3rd in the standings before kick-off), these points could not be more important to catch Brest Bretagne Handball and ahead of their main direct rivals, Neptunes de Nantes. The Parisians believed this for a long time. Metz Handball was scared against Paris 92.

Misunderstood topic

The first minutes of the meeting predicted a fight. The two teams responded one after the other and Metz Handball could not get away. There were a few minutes of awkwardness with a very spirited Messines caught in the trap of Parisian aggression. Less used in attack, Metz lacked a connector in defense to recover the balloons. This bad phase allowed Franciliennes to take the lead after almost a quarter of an hour of play (5 to 6, 11’30). But the two teams lacked realism in front of the goals. Unaided by tumultuous refereeing at both ends of the pitch, the Dragons and Lions were still ten goals down as the clock approached 20 minutes.

And Emmanuel Mayonnaise temporarily lost Louise Winter Burgaardinjured Yacine Messaoudi Messi gave tactical lessons to the bench. Confused by the premature release of their right back, the yellows and blues were stunned by Laura’s speed. going crazy and Deborah Lassource. Due to this bad dynamic, Metz Handball Paris 92 saw the take off. Bruna de Paula and his teammates couldn’t find any solutions in front of the compact defense of their opponents. On the other hand, the lack of communication and commitment put the breaks too far apart, thus pleasing the exploitative Isséennes. Messines, who misbehaved from the 15th minute of the game, returned to the dressing room with 3 goals late (12-15, 30′).

Defense, the cure for all ills

Immanuel Mayonnaise and his team was pushed back to their limits for the first time in the league this season. Will Paris 92 become the second team to defeat the French champions in all competitions? A real test awaited this young team from Metz. There was an unprecedented psychological state in the arena, but the Lorraine seemed not to have had the last word.

Back from the break, Metz Handball stepped on the gas pedal to return to the minor division of Paris 92. Sorry Laura going crazy and Deborah Lassource they maintained their effectiveness in front of the net. But a more disciplined defensive block carried by the Stelvia EasterChristina Jorgensen and Sarah bouctit Camille allowed Since then make decisive parries. Messi’s ranks rebelled and got back on track with Laura’s equaliser Canor (20 by 20, 40′).

His defense was found, the Metz collective pushed the Parisians into technical faults and allowed them to recover good balls without widening the gap. Mischievous, Paris 92 players put pressure on Messines by making contact at the slightest attack. Nevertheless, after Louisa’s power Winter Burgaard, the 3rd best team in Europe led by 4 goals at the time and made it a real choice for victory. That was, of course, without counting the little tension that sent an entire room into a frenzy. From Paris 92 to the liberating parade that prevented the fatal equalizer (30 to 29, 60′).

Match statistics

Metz Handball
Kamil Sinet (8 shots on 23 shots) vs. Hatadou Sako (4/17). Bruna de Paula (5 goals in 8 attempts), Chloé Valentini (1/1), Kristina Jorgensen (4/6), Tamara Horacek, Debbie Bont (1/3), Louise Vinter Burgaard (4/5), Laura Kanor ( 4 /4), Emma Jacques (4/5), Stelvia Pascoal (1/1), Sara Bukkit (6/9), Noémie Barthelemy, Julie Le Blevec.

Paris 92
Roxanne Frank (2 saves on 14 shots) vs. Lea Serdarevich (2/20). Astride N’Qouan (1/2), Aminata Cissokho, Coura Kanoute (1/3), Jannela Blonbou (2/6), Alice Mazens (1/2), Laura Flippes (8/12), Deborah Lassource (10/ ) 13), Candy Jabateh, Lara Gonzalez Ortega, Namizata Fofana (2/6), Gnonsiane Niombla (4/9), Adja Ouattara (0/1).

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Photo credit: Julien Buret/Let’s Go Metz

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