Men’s Basketball/National 3. Sufel wants to stay in his cloud

During the confectioners’ truce, Souffelweyersheim went on vacation with a light heart and a full pocket. With twelve wins in as many matches, BCS are top of National Group 3, two wins ahead of runners-up Mulhouse-Pfastatt.

“The results of this first round were above my expectations,” said Daniel Pereira, unavoidably delighted. Basically, we did maintenance, which was the goal we set for ourselves with the two presidents, Eric Auvray and Eric Mittelhaeuser. In the first game we were aiming for seven wins to try and have a quiet second part of the season. »

“The top three Prenational teams play at the proper N3 level”

The Alsace club, which rose in the division this season, was nevertheless heading towards obscurity. “What was difficult for me was the lack of information about our opponents, losing a former assistant coach in Pro B. We knew Riedisheim well, right Sélestat, Schaeffersheim and Mulhouse because they are Alsace team. My job is to determine how the players will defend against them, but I knew very little about Paris teams and other formations. »

That’s why we had to organize. “We tried to create a discussion platform with the coaches. Cédric Garnier, Laurent Minnig, Mulhouse and Joseph Hufschmitt from Rixheim are just two or three people who agreed to share their videos when they arrived at Sélestat. While everyone is filming the matches,” laughs Daniel Pereira.

On the floor, the group in Aziz Nkene was quickly level anyway. “For my players, at the beginning of the season, the question arose whether there was really a big gap between Prenationale and N3… To be honest, for me, the top three Prenational teams in Alsace are playing at the right level. N3 reveals someone who was Stefan Eberl’s assistant at National 2 in 2006. I didn’t notice a huge difference, but maybe the difference was erased by the arrival of Mael. (Muller, from WOSB on N2) and Abdu (Abdoukhadre Wade, former SIG II) This allowed us to level up our fifth base. »

The key to success for the BCS technician lies in the defensive wall that his armada builds. “We almost lost a couple of times, but I think the confidence of the team and especially the defensive base made the difference. Today, we are able to stop all teams because we are able to shut down the best players of the opponent. It’s not about the level of basketball, it’s about mentality and desire, concentration and toughness. And all this, we have. »

“We will not give up without giving up”

Collective spirit too. The essence of Daniel Pereira’s philosophy. “I always put ‘we’ before ‘I’. It is the Italian coach who always says this (He vacillates between Ettore Messina and Sergio Scariolo). “Steph” (Stefan Eberlin) gave the same speech. The player is at the service of the team, not the other way around. This is the philosophy I am trying to promote. Even if I have dominant players, for me they are always at the service of the team. As long as we stick to this logic, everything will be fine. »

Above all, it could allow us to see the dream of reaching N2 come true at the end of the season. Because now Sufel can no longer hide.

“We signed a contract with the players to take one of the first three places. And to put an end to all rumours, we will not refuse to rise. We have already discussed it with the managers, leave the technician alone. If we go up, it will be with the desire to keep the leaders because of their experience and to reunite with the youngsters leaving the Alliance Sport Alsace training center. (A merger of BCS and BCGO, editor’s note) or GIS. These guys often don’t have the ability to play N1 or Pro B right away, they’ll play with us and come through the course and see the higher ups. »

BCS often allowed young talent to mature. The tradition could be continued on the Seven Arpents side. It’s also worth noting that you often play scrambling…

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