Just like on Black Friday, Cdiscount increases the price of this Samsung 8K TV (-55%) ?

If you missed last November’s Black Friday deal on this Samsung 8K TV, you’re eligible for a catch-up session today.

Who says you have to spend a fortune to get an 8K TV? As a part of the special sale, it’s really possible to equip yourself with a 2022 model Samsung signature at a simply unbelievable price. While it is currently available at €2,699 on the brand’s official website, Cdiscount lists it at €1,399 for its part.

That’s not all! Thanks to a €200 cashback offer, the price of this Samsung 8K 55QN700B TV can be reduced to just €1,199. To take advantage of this, simply assemble your file after purchasing the TV by following the instructions in the terms of the offer. Don’t wait too long, it ends on January 10th.

I take advantage of the offer

When you often see offers of this caliber, it is advisable to act quickly. It’s not every day that we get to see an 8K TV, and a Samsung one for that cheap. There is a high probability that there will be a storm in the next few hours or even minutes.

Also, if you think you’re in a hurry, know that you have 14 days to send it back and get a full refund. It’s convenient if you change your mind or find a better deal in the meantime.

Samsung 55QN700B: 8K TV for a crazy price

As we said, this offer was also available on the last Black Friday. That’s why we find it again at the best price in the market at the beginning of the year. Simply put, there are currently no equivalent offers. With such a huge discount (-€1500) it’s just a crazy deal.

As for its specifications, this 8K model is based on Quantum Mini LED technology. It uses tens of thousands of Quantum Mini LEDs spread across the panel. This ultimately results in a sharp and bright image, as well as very good viewing angles and deep contrasts.

Also in the game is the latest Neo Quantum Processor Lite 8K processor, which combines performance and intelligence to convert all your content to 8K, thereby optimizing various brightness and sound settings. The Quantum HDR 2000 function will allow you to enjoy all the details of the image, regardless of the ambient light in the room, thanks to unparalleled contrast and a brightness peak of up to 2000 nits.

The 8K image also offers an ultra-immersive experience, especially with 33 million pixels for images that are as close to reality as possible with extremely precise details. This Samsung 8K TV comes with a ‘One Connect’ remote control box. The latter is removable and contains all the connectors of the TV.

Thus, the organization of connections is simplified. Connectivity consists of 4 HDMI 2.1 ports. This allows you to get fluid images without shaking. It is the best of the best for gamers who play on the latest generation gaming consoles like PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Also, Motion Xcelerator Turbo dynamic refresh technology improves the fluidity of video gaming sessions. Ultimately, you get the best performance with VRR compatibility, Auto Game mode and 8K/60 FPS images. Its ultra-thin design of only 15 mm thickness will allow this TV to beautify your interior in the most beautiful way.

You can put it on a piece of furniture or hang it on the wall. It is also very high quality for the audio part. We find Dolby Atmos, which lets you enjoy a unique cinematic sound experience and immerses you in the action, bringing out every detail with clarity and depth.

In short, this 8K TV has many advantages. Especially since it’s at an incredible price thanks to the current offer at Cdiscount. Don’t expect too much, you might regret it.

To enter the flash sale on this Samsung 55QN700B here:

I take advantage of the offer

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