How to choose between guards in the West?

Although voting for All-Star Game hosts has been open for a few days now, some picks may be subject to a major dilemma among voters. This is the case with the Western Conference guards, where four big stars can apply but only two spots will be awarded. Pay attention to each other’s work.

# STEPHEN CURRY (Golden State Warriors)

Age 34 – 8-time All-Star – 30 points, 6.6 rebounds, 6.8 assists 2022-23 – 18-18, 10th in West

The best pitcher in the best pitcher family in Orange Ball history won’t be walking away with the best record for the titu field next February in Salt Lake City. In particular, blame the collective balance of the Warriors, who currently hold the playoff final spot in the West with a balanced balance sheet. It’s also the fault of a nasty shoulder injury that has kept him off the floor at least twice since mid-December (not the most practical way to send a bomb from the parking lot, you’ll agree). weeks. But Stephen Curry remains a legend among point guards and simply the best sniper in the history of the League. And let’s not forget that before his injury and despite Golden State’s ups and downs, he was developing at an MVP level individually. Is it enough to beat the culture of the moment and give you a starting spot in the next all-star game?

# LUKA DONCIC (Dallas Mavericks)

23 – 3-time All-Star – 33.6 points, 8.7 rebounds, 8.8 assists 2022-23 – 19-16, 7th in West

The Dallas Mavericks’ 2022-23 fiscal year isn’t exactly regular, but the Slovenian is doing everything to lead his nation to victory. Doncic combines MVP appearances, offensive cards, triple-doubles, and sometimes all at once. Reggie Bullock, Christian Wood, Spencer Dinwiddie, Dwight Powell, or even Tim Hardaway Jr. (no disrespect, but where’s the second All-Star?) are where they are today because of him. fighting for the first 6 of the conference. Especially the author of a historic performance against the Knicks this week, the former Real Madrid player does not forget to add a few important moments to feed his file to increase his chances of starting the next All-Star game. Recall that last year, Doncic saw Steph Curry and Ja Morant pass on him, with Luke eventually settling for a spot as a replacement. Will it start again in 2023? Or a guaranteed position for the Dallas genius?

# JA MORANT (Memphis Grizzlies)

Age 23 – 1-time All-Star – 27.1 points, 6.3 rebounds, 7.8 assists in 2022-23 – 13-20, 3rd in West

So here we are still “Good in the West” ? I’m not sure. Not only have the Grizzlies recently lost to teams outside the West, but there’s a real chance for a starting All-Star spot. This declaration has aged quite badly as well backlash What followed shouldn’t overshadow Morant’s fine individual season, which currently leads Memphis to the conference podium. Sure, the former Murray State point guard benefits from an outstanding Grizzlies staff augmented by the no less remarkable work of coach Taylor Jenkins, but let’s not be confused, the face of this team is neither Santi Aldama nor John Konchar. Not Brandon Clarke, but MIP 2022. Ja Morant, who won his first All-Star Game last season, will once again be able to rely on his great play to win over the voters.

# SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDER (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Age 24 — 0 All-Stars — 31.5 points, 4.9 rebounds, 5.8 assists 2022-23 — 15-19, 12th in West

We know Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is headed to his first career All-Star game, but will he do it as a starter? Given the tremendous campaign he’s had in a Thunder uniform, the question deserves to be asked. The NBA’s leading scorer, clutch player as can be, and leader of a respected Oklahoma City team, SGA has officially entered the “guard superstar” category. So, yeah, he doesn’t have the popularity of Stephen Curry. He doesn’t chain triple-doubles like Luka Doncic. He doesn’t have the sick athletic qualities of Ja Morant. And how strong he is with the basketball in his hands, not to mention that he’s one of the few NBA players to average more than one rebound (1.1) and steal (1.7) per night. No, to be honest, from a purely individual standpoint, SGA can look virtually anyone in the eye this season.

Note: Devin Booker

Here you have all the elements to make your choice. To cast your votes for Patrick Beverley and Luke Kennard, just log into the NBA app.

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