An art released on rooftops

He shares his art with the general public. Artist Karim Al Badri chooses to do this on an object that is part of our daily lives. Despite the presence of other innovations, the required artistic approach.

His art is unique. He reveals it in broad daylight and… on rooftops. Moroccan artist Karim Al Badri chooses to express his creativity in parabolas! It is enough to illuminate the roofs and the eyes of passers-by. You have to look up to think of them and maybe want this art that creates a really beautiful fresco in these spaces. In the beginning, he starts with the famous district where he lives in Rabat, according to his story, before choosing others. Moreover, it is his creativity that makes his works in demand and is nominated for competitions. “For now, I was invited to a plastic art competition,” he said. “There were 500 contestants at the start,” he explains of the contest, which will culminate in the selection of ten finalists. The current stage is the semi-final stage of this competition held for the 6th time, in which about forty candidates are competing in the category of plastic art. Egypt, Syria and Morocco are the predominant candidates in this event called “Talents and Creatives”. These are the other 9 Moroccan artists who qualified for the semi-finals, along with Karim, who delivered his credo based on strong desire.

Personal and artistic freedom An artist expresses “passion” by giving priority to his art. As for the selection of parables, he explains it with conviction. “We like to live freely. Even art is supposed to be free on the roofs. It has no place. It can give a person health and make him creative. Thinking about a job brings happiness. Art is also creativity,” he says. What existentialist philosophy allows to see. And that’s not all! Contrary to some observation due to the constant appearance of technological innovations, the parabola still dominates the roofs. Some still use it despite everything and in parallel with these innovations. What to look for Karim Al Badri art to fill the antennas. There is a demand for it. “Every family that receives me as a guest offers me to paint a satellite dish according to their wishes,” he says. The artist, whose art gained fame during the Covid era, also approached for “sharing”. Better yet, he wants to expand his initiative.

Create a public culture
For the artist, who is an elementary school teacher in a public school, it is a matter of “creating a public culture that wants to change the color of the parabola.” He also wants to change the gloomy image that the parable can carry. “It can even change human nature,” he says.
In his view, this change has a message of interest, even love and art, which is the “way of giving”. “I don’t expect a return,” he says, recalling that he participated in several virtual exhibitions in Europe, Arab countries, and Morocco. They are awarded the best creativity award and certificates.
To return to the past, the artist begins his art with another young peer in his neighborhood. Later, they paint murals together in certain neighborhoods. “We developed this idea by going to millions of dishes. Some are rusty. That’s why the idea of ​​creating works arose from it. At first it was simple solid colors. Later I made works. I made a sketch, got good feedback. My friends encouraged me. That’s why I said to myself, why not turn all the satellite dishes on the roofs into works that give strength and positivity to life”, says Karim, who has been very fond of art since childhood. His ultimate wish is to express his art on the roof of other houses in other countries.

A painter-artist who is also a creator due to current events

Description: His works show, among other things, creations around the achievements of the national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In this sense, he draws the portrait of coach Walid Regraghi on the parabola. He does the same with football player Yusif En-Nesyri. For this purpose, the player grabs a rusty satellite antenna, which he heals well before taking his portrait. It also illuminates examples of faces or portraits. The dead are not left out. For example, the death of comedy star Abderrauf does not leave Karim indifferent. So, he draws his portrait on the parabola with his usual appearance. It is enough to perpetuate important facts with his outstanding art.


Birth. Karim discovered his passion for art from a young age. A gift he has developed over the years and time.

Fame. The reputation of the artist is confirmed in the covid era. During this remarkable period, his art became more and more popular.

Competition. Participates in the competition. For now, he is in the semi-finals along with nine Moroccan artists, along with contestants from other countries.

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