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Following a public consultation on the creation of the ZFE-m in the spring of 2022, the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis is gradually implementing it in the center of Marseille from September 1, 2022.
The Marseille ZFE applies to all motorized vehicles (cars, two-wheelers, motorized tricycles and quadricycles, utility vehicles and heavy goods vehicles). Marseille ZFE is permanent, meaning it applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the ZFE-m perimeter of the Aix Marseille Provence metropolis?

The perimeter of the ZFE-m is determined by the inner part of the boulevards: avenue du Cap Pinède, boulevards Capitaine Gèze and de Plombières, avenue Alexandre Fleming, boulevards Françoise Duparc, Sakakini, Jean Moulin and Rabatau, avenue du Prado 2.

The A55 footbridge and tunnels are accessible to all vehicles.

The area is also marked with special signs.

The ZFE map of the metropolis of Aix Marseille Provence is available at this link.

What is the progressive schedule for traffic restrictions in the ZFE-m in the metropolis of Aix Marseille Provence?

Vehicle restrictions apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will be progressive for three years.

  • 1er September 2022: Limiting the circulation of Crit’Air 5 and unclassified vehicles. This was a study phase until December 31, 2022 (so no sanctions).
  • 1er January 2023: Crit’Air 5 and an effective ban on the circulation of unclassified vehicles.
  • 1er September 2023: A project that bans Crit’Air 4.
  • 1er September 2024: Crit’Air 3 ban project.

What are the exemptions for driving with a polluting vehicle in the ZFE-m in the metropolis of Aix Marseille Provence?

There are national exemptions and local exemptions, whether permanent or temporary. To learn more about national exemptions, we invite you to read this other article.

What are the local exemptions with polluting vehicles in the ZFE of the metropolis of Aix Marseille Provence?

Local exemptions and exceptions for traffic and parking within the ZFE-m perimeter are possible to take into account certain specific situations. Requests for local exemptions must be submitted through this online platform.

Three-year individual local exemptions:

These exceptions apply to:

  • vehicles specialized in the restoration or maintenance of a motor vehicle or other specialized vehicles carrying out the restoration operation of public vehicles;
  • Tank cars;
  • Refrigerated vehicles with a long amortization period or vehicles and mechanisms in the highly technical or large construction area;
  • Vehicles of seated and non-seated mobile traders, within the two-vehicle limit, and specifically for VASPs such as pizza trucks and food trucks.

Other individual local exceptions:

These exceptions have a variable duration depending on the type of vehicle concerned:

  • Means of transport necessary for the material and technical support of events or demonstrations held on the public highway of a festive, economic, sports or cultural type during the event or demonstration;
  • Professional vehicles used by companies in a state of bankruptcy and subject to the receivership procedure;
  • Personal vehicles that are required to be relocated in ZFE-m in accordance with the procedure related to danger, unsanitary conditions or safety;
  • Vehicles whose owner (individual or legal entity) can justify the purchase of a Crit’Air class 0, 1 or 2 vehicle and whose delivery period is scheduled soon, depending on the category of the vehicle;
  • Vehicles assigned to a public service within the framework of special interventions;
  • Cars of professionals who carry out moving operations.

What are the controls and sanctions?

After the training phase, sanctions will be applied from January 1, 2023. To find out more about fines applicable in ZFE-ms in France, see our general article.

Any car swap help?

There are national grants (details here) and local grants (regions, departments, metropolises) for vehicle replacement. It is often possible to combine these various benefits within the maximum limit.

What are the local benefits?

For individuals and professionals

Renewal bonus or bioethanol transition check from the Sud-Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur region for the conversion of a gasoline vehicle to a modular gasoline-superethanol E85 engine.

For individuals

From the 1st yearer January 2023, a financial assistance package is offered to individuals in the event of the scrapping or sale of a Crit’Air 5 or unclassified September 2022. This grant will be approved by elected officials at the next meeting of the Metropolitan Council.

In addition, the city of Marseille applies a discounted rate for residents to park their electric cars on the street.

The region also offers Crit’Air 5 category car dealers a free subscription to public transport in the metropolis of Aix-Marseille, including the TER.

For professionals

The department of Bouches-du-Rhône subsidizes the electrification of the fleets of local authorities and EPCIs.

The Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region offers assistance for the conversion of commercial vehicles for VSE-SMEs, car entrepreneurs, local authorities and public institutions for inter-municipal cooperation (as part of the Mobigaz call for projects).

The region also offers assistance in purchasing a clean vehicle and professional taxis.

Finally, the city of Marseille applies a discounted rate for certain professionals to park their cars on the street.

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